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Which TESOL course should I choose?

We are proudly able to offer a whole host of course options to meet your specific requirements. These range in price, method and duration. The one thing all our courses have in common is our principle of high quality, practical teacher training.

In-Class TESOL Certification Course



Our in-class TESOL courses, in conjunction with TEFL International, are entirely classroom based. During the course you will have the opportunity to learn about teaching methods, phonology and grammar, while completing observed teaching practice to real students. In-class TESOL certification courses are intensive and are four weeks in duration.

You can choose from over 25 locations in which to complete an in-class course. We have training facilities located across a diverse range of exotic and interesting locations worldwide, with TESOL courses available on six continents.

In-class TESOL certification is suited to people that wish to learn the principles, theories and methodologies of TESOL and also want to gain practical classroom experience teaching English in a supervised environment. Our course trainers will observe all your teaching practice sessions giving you constructive feedback and written reports on your strengths and weaknesses.

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Online TESOL Certification Courses



Our online TESOL courses are studied entirely online and can be taken with the support of a personal online tutor or without tutor support. Upon completion of the course, we’ll send you a watermarked, hardcopy of your certificate to anywhere in the world via registered post.

The courses are taken completely online through our specially designed course website so there is no teaching practice component nor classroom time; however, you will be able to review actual teaching English as a foreign language lessons taking place via our online videos.

Our online TESOL courses are primarily designed for those who wish to study an internationally accredited TESOL certificate course but have neither the time and/or budget to attend one of our international training facilities.

The great advantages of our online courses are that they are competitively priced, you are able to take the course from anywhere in the world and can study at your own pace.

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Combined TESOL Certification Courses



Combined TESOL courses are titled as such because they unite the best of the online and in-class TESOL certification courses.

The principles and theories of TESOL are studied online and at your own pace. Once completed, this is followed by attendance at one of our training combined course locations (for 1 or 2 weeks) to gain actual TESOL classroom practice.

These courses are designed for those who cannot attend our in-class training course for four weeks, but would like to gain the teaching English practice that our in-class training courses offer, as the combined TESOL course requires only 1 or 2 weeks of attendance at one of our training facilities.

The combined TESOL course features observed teaching practice and therefore results in full TESOL certification.

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Advanced/Specialized TESOL courses



Our specialized online courses are advanced-level ESL / EFL qualifications for teachers that have, or are studying for, TESOL certification.

We offer two specialized courses: Certification in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL) and the Certification in Teaching Business English (CTBE). No classroom attendance is required as these are both 50-hour online courses studied completely online.

The most advanced TESOL qualification we offer is the TESOL diploma. This is a 250-hr, advanced-level course that builds on the knowledge gained from the TESOL certification course. No classroom attendance is required as the TESOL diploma course is a 100% online course. You must already have gained an internationally accredited TESOL certificate in order to be eligible for the TESOL diploma course.

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For further information regarding ITTT, the courses we offer and a whole lot more, download our free brochure today. We also have a free E-Guide to download which contains a variety of general information regarding TESOL courses, certification and teaching English abroad. We are always available to answer any other specific questions you have via a number of contact options, including our live chat service.

Take a look at our video section for advice on choosing the right course, extracts from our training videos and a selection of testimonials from course graduates.

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