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J.M - Canada said:
Games in the classroom
There are many ways to bring excitement to a lesson, the main one being games. Games can be simple, yet able to portray the information in a way that the students are able to understand easier. After the engage and study periods of the lesson, it is refreshing for the students to have a little fun with a game. Some students might stress over the study period, and having a game where their brain doesn’t have to be stretched before the lesson is over can help relieve their stress and prepare them for the next lesson. Games are good for review at the beginning of a lesson as well. Starting with a game is also a good warm up for the students and can get their brains going and prepare them for the next bit of information they are going to learn. The only disadvantage with starting off with a game is that after it is done the students may have a hard time settling down and focusing on the new information being taught. Games are perfect for getting the students to remember the information that they’ve learned. Having just a simple game of hangman lets the students gain a visual in their memory, so when a word or phrase is mentioned, the students can remember much easier from that game, rather than from reading a textbook. There are so many games that are suitable for the classroom, but it is wise to be very careful when choosing one. The teacher must keep in mind each level of each student, so they know which game will be too complicated or too easy and pointless. Since each level of each student is different, the teacher must choose the game carefully so that all of the students can be comfortable playing and participating. The teacher must be aware of all the materials needed to play the games that he or she chooses to use. Some games require much more room space than is provided. In this case, the teacher could take the students outside, or to a gym in the school if one is available. Taking the students outside on a nice day can be very beneficial. Being cooped up in a classroom can make the students antsy and unmotivated to concentrate on the lesson material, but being outside can open their minds to learning more. Games like pictionary and charades are some of the most helpful games. Having visual aids can plant the information into the student’s brains and help them remember key vocabulary and sentence structure. Songs do the same, and get the information stuck in the student’s minds to a tune. Songs can also be used as a review, and that way they’ll be singing vocabulary words and phrases from the lessons for the rest of the day. Once again, the only main disadvantage of using games in the classroom is the fact that the students may not be able to focus as much on the information as they do on playing the game. Still, when reviewed, the students will remember the information and what they learned when they recall how the game was played. Games not only bring excitement and enjoyment to the lesson, but also get the students to interact with each other and let the teacher see each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Having the students be vocal is key. This way they can learn the language faster because they aren’t just writing it, but speaking it as well. Games in the classroom are a most excellent way of planting the information into the student’s minds and getting them to remember it as well.

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