What is a realistic timeline for TESOL certification & then getting a job teaching English abroad or online?

This depends on which course you choose and also on your personal learning style. For example, you have up to 6 months to complete a 120-hour online course but many students complete the course in just a few weeks. You can then begin looking for teaching jobs immediately after your course ends.

Your lifetime job search guidance begins the day you enroll in your TESOL course, so you can get the conversation started with your ITTT advisor whenever you’re ready. The lifetime job support also includes help with your resume and cover letter.

Teaching Jobs Abroad

At the moment, recruiting and hiring for in-person teaching jobs is still slow, although schools in some countries are beginning to ramp up hiring as they reopen. Travel restrictions are still a major obstacle for many, especially for Americans and others from countries with high numbers of new COVID-19 cases. The timeline for teaching jobs abroad always varies based on where you want to teach, but even in normal times it’s best to give yourself anywhere from 6 to 9 months from the time you start your TESOL course to the time you want to head overseas.

Teaching English Online Jobs

It’s possible to start teaching online as soon as you complete your online course. However, the process of lining up online teaching jobs can take at least a couple of weeks with interviews, no matter what course you take.

You may be able to get work teaching or tutoring online during your course, but these opportunities are usually part-time and offer lower pay as the vast majority of major online teaching companies will only hire you once you have your TESOL certification.

Can I get paid to teach English online during the coronavirus crisis?

Many schools are resuming classes online and online teaching platforms are hiring TESOL-certified teachers to fill these new roles. In our experience from working with online language schools, the demand for online education, including teaching English, will continue to grow, especially during the current crisis.

As a matter of fact, ESL students in other countries are likewise socially isolated and on lockdown and are already taking their other classes online. The key is taking an accredited TESOL certification course that will provide you with the teacher training you need and the qualification required by the vast majority of online teaching companies.

Check out our page on teaching English online for more details.