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Our range of online TESOL courses come with the option of a tutored version or a non-tutored version. We generally recommend the tutored version for anyone who is not familiar with distance learning as the guidance of a teaching professional can often have a big impact on the overall study experience. Whatever problems you encounter or questions you have, however big or small, your online tutor will be able to supply the answers and steer you towards a successful conclusion.

We ensure that you will receive the very best guidance throughout your training as we only provide tutors who have extensive teaching and training experience. Our online tutors also have firsthand knowledge of what it is like to work as an ESL teacher in various locations around the world and possess advanced teaching qualifications such as the Diploma in TESOL. Taking the tutored version of a course is widely popular as it means you have someone to call on who knows exactly what you are going through as they were once in the same position themselves. However, whether you choose a tutor or not is entirely up to you as we believe that the trainee should always be in control of their own learning path.

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