Combined TESOL Courses

TESOL certification courses have traditionally been offered either as 4-week, classroom based courses or as 100% online or distance learning. We at ITTT see the benefits and drawbacks to both types of study. In order to offer greater variety and flexibility for course participants, we’ve combined the best of both methods of study and training into one unique course. As the name suggests, the Combined course combines two elements of study: the first being online and the second being in class study, training and teaching at one of our Combined course training centers. The course offers the opportunity to study the theories of teaching online and at your own pace from the comfort of your own home or office. Then you’ll have the opportunity to put theory into practice through further training and teaching at one of our training locations.

The great advantage of this course is flexibility. The online component of the course allows you the time to absorb the theories of TESOL teaching. Attendance at one of our training centers then gives you the opportunity to put this theory into practice. The combined course is ideal for those that do not cope well with, or do not perform to their full potential in intensive study programs. The combined TESOL course requires only 1 or 2 weeks of attendance at one of our locations rather than the traditional 4 weeks.

You can complete the online component of the course over a period that is suitable for you. The course can be completed in any period from 2 weeks to 6 months (depending on how quickly/slowly you wish/are able to work through the course). The online component of the course comes with full online tutor support.

There are three options for combined course attendance: five, eight and ten days. The eight-day and ten-day options include at least six hours of observed teaching practice (OTP) with feedback from a teacher trainer. The five-day combined course does not include OTP, but you are offered the option of completing some unobserved teaching practice at a later date. Completion of both components of the combined TESOL course results in full TESOL certification. The in-class teaching practice component is available over a ten-day period at our Phuket, Barcelona, Rome, and Bangkok training centers, or over an eight-day period at our centers in New York and Paris. The five-day option can be taken at any of our many centers throughout the USA and Canada.

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Course Information

Key features:

  • The freedom to study the theoretical part of the course online, anywhere in the world in your own time.
  • A personal tutor to provide you with comprehensive support.
  • Professionally trained and experienced tutors.
  • Online videos showing practical classroom experience involving qualified teachers.
  • On location training and practice with students.
  • An exceptional employment guidance and global placement service.
  • Post qualification career advice and teaching support.

The on location and practical teaching part of the course includes:

  • Personal welcome on arrival at the airport and transfer service.
  • Suitable accommodation to meet your needs on a private or dormitory basis.
  • Experienced, professional tutors to assist you in lesson preparation and in class study.
  • Complete in class support, supervision, analysis and advice.
  • Extra study on language awareness, teaching ability and classroom management.
  • The chance to see English teachers teaching students in a classroom environment.
  • A complete set of course and teaching materials.
  • Extra career development seminars.
  • Exceptional support services and online teaching materials.

Course aims:

The combined TEFL course aims to deliver a complete foundation for teaching English. On completion of the course the graduate will be equipped with a practical working knowledge of the English grammatical system, a complete understanding of the skills and teaching methods essential for successful language teaching and first-hand experience of teaching real students of English.