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A speech is composed of eight basic parts which are adjectives and adverbs, nouns and pronouns conjunctions, gerunds verbs comparative adjectives prepositions, superlatives adjectives and articles. A noun is a name of a place animal, people, things quality and states an. A verb is the action word of a speech e.g. To reason, walk, feel play, and comfort. Verbs could be transitive or intransitive regular or irregular. Adjective describes noun e.g. nice, good, clever impossible while adverbs describe verbs e.g. Quietly, slowly, well, carefully .Prepositions describes the relation of a noun and some other word in a sentence. E.g. before, after, in, on etc. The word that joins words or phrases together meaningfully is a conjunction. Any verb that that has the form but used as a noun is a gerund e.g Reading books makes me happy . While pronouns represents and give more details of noun in a speech. e.g She, he . A, AN, THE, are articles of a speech .