TESOL Certification

What is TESOL certification?

TESOL certification is a qualification that is commonly expected by employers when seeking positions as an English language teacher across the majority of countries globally. While some less frequented destinations might still offer teaching opportunities without specific qualifications, securing a TESOL certification from a respected course provider is indispensable when pursuing ESL teaching positions that ensure favorable pay and comfortable work conditions.

In addition, numerous highly sought-after countries for teaching English abroad have now made a TESOL certification a prerequisite for obtaining a work permit or visa. Lacking this certification would prohibit you from legally accessing employment in these countries, many of which host the most lucrative employers within the TESOL field.

By enrolling in an ITTT accredited TESOL certification program, you can attain all the unique skills and knowledge necessary to become a certified teaching professional not only in your home country but also in nearly any other location worldwide.

Why does TESOL means?

What does TESOL certification mean?

The widely acknowledged and accepted standard certification for instructing English to individuals who aren't native speakers is referred to as either a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate or a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. These terms are often utilized interchangeably, although in technical terms, TEFL pertains to teaching English in countries where it is not the native language, while TESOL refers to teaching English in regions where it is the native language. However, both designations encompass identical training and lead to the same level of qualification, which means they both remain valid for English language teaching positions across the globe.

Why Take a TEFL / TESOL course

Should I get TEFL or TESOL certification?

Either a TEFL or TESOL certificate holds great value for employers when seeking English teaching positions. Despite their minor technical distinctions, the training and qualifications encompassed in both variations are identical, and with ITTT, you have the option to select which acronym appears on your certification. The optimal choice depends on which abbreviation is more commonly recognized in the region where you intend to teach. Once you have your desired location in mind, a brief online search should determine whether TEFL or TESOL is more prevalent in that country.

If your intention is to remain and work in an English-speaking nation, a TESOL certificate may be best, particularly if you will be instructing English as a second language to refugees or immigrants. Conversely, if your plans involve teaching in a non-English speaking country, a TEFL certificate might be more fitting, as it pertains to teaching English as a foreign language. Should your career aspirations evolve down the road, rest assured, both TEFL and TESOL certificates are sought-after qualifications by international employers.

What is the difference between TESOL and TEFL?

ESL certification requirements for teachers

The foremost quality essential for teaching ESL is the willingness to embrace new experiences; beyond that, the restrictions are minimal. To obtain a TESOL certification through ITTT you must be at least 18 years old, but there are no upper age constraints. So long as you remain receptive to fresh concepts, you are invited to join the diverse array of trainees spanning various ages and backgrounds who have achieved their TESOL certification with us.

Our range of TESOL certification programs is accessible to both native and non-native English speakers, as numerous job opportunities are available irrespective of your origin. Moreover, there is no requirement to be familiar with languages other than English, as our courses adhere to the communicative approach to language instruction, ensuring English as the sole medium of classroom communication. Lastly, given that a university degree isn't obligatory for teaching English in many parts of the world, we do not impose any specific educational prerequisites on our trainees.

How do I get TESOL certification?

TESOL certification can be acquired through online courses, traditional in-class settings, or a blended combination of both. Additionally, we present a selection of cost-effective course bundles designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the ESL landscape and supplementary qualifications that will capture the interest of potential employers. We recommend that you initially explore all our individual course offerings and multi-course packages to determine the most suitable format for your specific circumstances.

After selecting the course that aligns with your aspirations and future plans, you can easily access our course registration page and follow the provided instructions. The initial registration process is free of charge and does not obligate you in any way. Once registered, you will receive our complimentary e-guide to TESOL, a comprehensive resource encompassing diverse information about the TESOL field, our training programs, preparations for teaching abroad, and fundamental job insights for key teaching destinations.

Why do I choose the right TEFL Course?

Which TESOL certification program should I choose?

When opting for a TESOL certification program, the paramount factor to consider is its suitability for your specific needs. Numerous course providers present TESOL certification courses with concise formats, achievable within 40 study hours or even fewer. These courses essentially offer a glimpse into ESL teaching, which serves well if your intention is to engage in short-term voluntary teaching.

Various causes worldwide are always on the lookout for informed volunteers, presenting opportunities that can deliver remarkable cultural exposure. Nevertheless, if you are planning an extended adventure that includes a substantial income, it is advisable to complete a more comprehensive qualification.

For most English teaching positions globally, the recognized minimum requirement is a TESOL certification of at least 120 hours. These courses typically encompass crucial subjects like lesson planning, assessment techniques, and English grammar. Opting for an in-class course affords the significant advantage of genuine teaching practice within an actual ESL classroom. At ITTT, we also provide the option of voluntary teaching practice alongside all our online courses.

TESOL graduate certificate cost

Due to their minimal operational costs, online courses usually present the most affordable option. However, it is not advisable to base your TESOL course selection solely on the price. It is important to ensure that the chosen course encompasses all the elements necessary for a strong start to your teaching journey. At ITTT, our most sought-after online course is the 120-hour TESOL certification, competitively priced at less than $250. Additionally, explore our comprehensive course packages, which offer multiple qualifications at discounted rates.

Despite the convenience and cost-effectiveness of online learning, a significant number of trainees still opt for completing their courses at training centers. This approach offers numerous advantages, including instruction by highly experienced professionals with extensive teaching and training backgrounds. Furthermore, the social aspect of in-class TESOL courses is a standout feature, allowing you to engage with like-minded individuals both within and beyond the classroom setting. For a 4-week in-class TESOL course, prices typically begin around $1,395.

How much does a TESOL Course Cost?

Can I get TESOL certification for free?

Due to the high caliber of our primary TESOL certification courses, we are regrettably unable to provide them free of charge. Nonetheless, we diligently work to maintain minimal overall costs, and we do extend the offer of free supplementary TESOL courses when enrolling in select course options. Among our free offerings are courses in teaching business English, instructing young learners, and teaching English online. If you envision pursuing any of these specific avenues in your teaching career or just want to further your teaching expertise, one or more of these free supplementary courses will undoubtedly enhance your CV/resume. Additionally, our advanced-level Diploma in TESOL course is available at no extra cost when you enroll in an in-class or combined TESOL course.

Should I get TESOL certification online?

The surge in popularity of online training courses has extended to various educational domains, including the realm of English language teaching, owing to their adaptability, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Acquiring a TESOL certification online yields numerous benefits:

  • Affordability: Given their exclusive use of distance learning, Online TESOL Courses are notably more economical compared to in-class alternatives.
  • Flexibility: Online TESOL Courses grant you the flexibility to study at your own pace, regardless of your geographical location.
  • Guidance: All our Online TESOL Courses feature online tutor support, ensuring you have access to assistance throughout your learning journey.
  • Multimedia Content: Many of our Online TESOL Courses are enriched with a variety of informative videos that complement the written materials.

Apart from our primary 120-hour online TESOL course, we also present an advanced online Diploma in TESOL. This diploma is designed to further enhance your teaching knowledge and provide access to higher-level teaching positions. The diploma course is also entirely conducted online and can be pursued immediately following your initial TESOL certification.

For comprehensive details on all our Online TESOL Courses, please explore our dedicated online TESOL course page.

Should I take a course online or in a classroom?

In-class certification for TESOL

If you lean toward a traditional classroom setting rather than online learning, our in-class TESOL course might align perfectly with your preferences. This intensive course spans a duration of four weeks and takes place at one of our global training centers. The significant advantages of this choice encompass:

  • Direct Classroom Instruction: Experienced, professional teacher trainers offer direct instruction in a classroom setting.
  • Hands-on Teaching Practice: You gain the invaluable opportunity to practice your teaching skills with actual language learners within an authentic classroom environment.
  • Immediate Feedback: Your lessons receive immediate feedback and constructive critique, aiding your growth as an educator.
  • Local Job Opportunities: In-class training often opens avenues for job prospects within the local community.
  • Cultural Exploration: Beyond classroom hours, you can immerse yourself in local culture and establish new connections with fellow classmates.

At ITTT, we provide in-class TESOL courses in numerous global locations. Our training centers span various regions, including the USA and Canada, and sought-after ESL teaching destinations such as:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

For further details, please explore our dedicated in-class TESOL course page.

What is the best TESOL certification?

At ITTT, we firmly believe that our TESOL certification encompasses an exceptional range of courses designed to cater to diverse circumstances. Our courses differ in terms of duration, cost, and study methodology; nevertheless, regardless of your selection, you will receive top-tier study materials and exceptional instruction. Our teacher trainers, whether operating online or in physical locations, boast substantial teaching experience and have lived and taught in various countries. Their profound expertise and unwavering commitment to your educational objectives can often distinguish between an ordinary training program and a life-altering journey.

In addition to outstanding tutors and comprehensive study resources, ITTT goes the extra mile by delivering extensive post-course job assistance, ensuring you are equipped with the best array of employment opportunities. What is more, our job support continues for as long as you remain active within the TESOL field. Yet another guarantee of receiving premier TESOL certification with ITTT is our affiliation with and accreditation by esteemed individuals, institutes, and schools within the language teaching domain.

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