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International TEFL and TESOL Training's classroom based TESOL courses focus on the fundamental and practical areas of Teaching English in the modern world and deal primarily with the real knowledge and skills needed by teachers in the classrooms of today and the future. We retain our core principles throughout all of classroom based TESOL certification courses at all of our locations.

Our classroom based TESOL courses are divided into six main areas:

1 TESOL - Teaching Practice

The most fundamental and practical area of all of our TESOL certification courses. Our course trainees teach real, local students of English and put into practice the knowledge and skills gained on the course.

2 TESOL - Student Profile

Course trainees work closely with an individual student aiming to focus on rapport-building, error analysis and correction and addressing the individual needs of the student.
Trainees have three separate meetings with an individual student. During these sessions, trainees are expected to produce a transcript including error analysis of audio and written work completed by the student. The culmination of the student profile is a session with the student which is observed by a tutor.

3 TESOL - Foreign Language Experience

Trainees on our TESOL certification courses receive training in an unknown foreign language, normally the local language of the location. The important reason for this being that: trainees can simply reflect on the experience of being a second language learner themselves. Through this experience trainees can understand the position of the students that they teach and more importantly gain an understanding of and how and why to better direct and focus their own teaching.

4 TESOL - Language Awareness
  • Phonology: Covers phonemics, connected speech, rhythm and intonation, word stress and intonation, sentence stress and intonation
  • Grammar: Covers simple sentence elements, complex sentences, word classes, verb time and tense, clauses, aspect and conditionals and modals, phrasals and voice

5 TESOL - Materials Project

All trainees attending our TESOL courses must create and develop two sets of materials used during the teaching practice component of the course. Each set of materials must be durable and, most importantly, be capable of being used for more than one lesson context idea. The materials that are created and developed may include realia, cue cards, visual stimuli, class handouts and audio or video, but cannot be taken / photocopied directly from published sources.

Our trainees are expected to either adapt materials from commercial sources, or preferably to create and develop unique, original materials. In concluding the materials project, trainees present their materials to their tutors and explain how the materials are used, ideas on how they could be improved and then ideas on how they might be used in the context of a different lesson with a different subject matter.

6 TESOL - Teaching Techniques

This component of our TESOL certification courses covers areas such as:

  • Teaching beginner students
  • Teaching individual students
  • Teaching business English
  • Teaching young learners
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Teaching grammar
  • Teaching receptive skills (reading and listening)
  • Teaching productive skills (speaking and writing)
  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom management
  • Establishing rapport
  • Discipline in the classroom
  • Games in the classroom
  • Songs in the classroom
  • Correction techniques
  • Evaluation and testing
  • Managing equipment and teaching aids
  • Creating materials


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