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This lesson covered the fundamentals of phonology as well as teaching methods for pronunciation. My school, a vocational high school, demonstrates a lower level of English ability when compared with academic high schools in the same country. For this reason, it is unfeasible and undesireable to pursue perfect pronunciation; however, in order to convey meaning, my students must learn pronunciation and eliminate a number of errors which might otherwise render their speech incomprehensible to native English speakers without any exposure to people who are speaking English as a second language.The content of Unit 6 is the Past Tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Their forms, usages and sample Activate teaching ideas are presented along with irregular forms and common errors. Completing the task sheet exercises has ensured thorough immersion in the content of the unit. As emphasised in the introduction to the unit, it is pleasing to notice for myself the pattern and similarities in form and usage emerging in the present and past tenses, and to have robust material in these units for when the time comes that I might be teaching this topic.