TEFL Reviews

TESOL La Grange Indiana
This unit talks about teaching English for students of different ages, levels, degrees, nationalities, and even specializations...
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TESOL Colerain North Carolina
I feel that when teaching receptive skills the subject matter matters, but then I think about Unit 10...
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TESOL Seven Hills Ohio
This unit covered a few different types of student evaluation and the appropriate uses of each type...
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TESOL Cottonpatch Hill Delaware
This unit covers the different types of teachers can use, specifically categorizing them in this case is authentic and non-authentic...
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TESOL Waco North Carolina
This unit was introduction and reflection of coniditionals (zero, first, second, third and mixed) and the differences between reported speech and direct speech...
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TESOL Walpole Masachusetts
This unit has taught me a lot about lesson plan structure and new ideas to incorporate into a lesson...
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TESOL Cooperton Oklahoma
Many different teaching aids can used in a classroom to make lessons more interesting , effective and less dependent on the text book...
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TESOL Batavia New York
This unit really brought home the fact that my future students will bring with them a myriad of backgrounds and language styles...
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TESOL Tongxiang
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TESOL Dashiqiao
In the teaching field,teachers often face problems especially when teaching a class for the first time and when the students do not like the subject ...
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TESOL Osasco
This unit is based on the two receptive aspects;reading and listening...
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This unit's focus is class management, which represents a crucial and vital aspect of teaching...
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TESOL Tongliao
As a teacher, I have to admit that first lesson is super important for following teaching, because that is the first time for students to meet the teacher, so leaving a good impression for students is important to build the solid relationship between teacher and students...
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TESOL Changning
This unit tells us the teaching of new language to students...
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TESOL Kaifeng
The use of the past tense is very similar to the use of the present tense in the sense that they both use the same times: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous...
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TESOL Marseille
This unit offers some good information about teaching receptive skills, that is, the skills of reading and listening...
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TESOL Gaoyou
The unit discusses about the main methods that have been used and are currently using to teach English in TEFL schools...
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TESOL Zaporizhya
This section covered aspects of pronunciation and how to teach things such as intonation, stress, and pronunciation...
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TESOL Meishan
While working through this Unit, I was able to learn a lot about how to manage a class and what a teacher can do to provide an enjoyable learning environment...
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TESOL Jiutai
This unit covers a variety of teaching methods, ranging from the common teaching practices around the world to the specifics of Jeremy Harmer's \"ESA\" method...
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TESOL Benghazi
This unit teaches pronunciation and phonology of the English language...
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Fulltime TESOL Language
I am a kind of person who loves to study and get new knowledge from everywhere around (either it a course book, movie or a talk with somebody)...
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Course TESOL Rate
By doing this course I have been refreshed in what I learnt at school and High school parts of english I have forgotten about and how intricate it can be...
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College Quick TESOL
I have learned a lot from this course about the grammar rules behind english and how to teach effectively...
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Class Cheaper TESOL
This course has made me think more logically about how to plan for accomplishing specific goals in each class...
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TESOL Certification Hamadan Iran
The current unit has enabled me to take a closer look of all the rules one should remember when speaking about future events...
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TESOL Certification Dezful Iran
This unit centered around the past tenses, how to form them, their various usages, and activation ideas for each specific tense in a lesson...
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TESOL Certification Hospet India
This twelfth unit is divided in three parts, each of them approaching speaking skills, writing skills and games to do in the classroom to practice these skills...
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TESOL Certification Hisar India
The grammar points in this Unit, Modals, passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs are quite natural to me as they are very similar to my mother tongue German...
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TESOL Certification Hindupur India
I studied about the various kinds of tests from some organizations which motivate the EFL teachers and those who are interested in testing their skills and how they are close to be professional...
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