TEFL Reviews

TESOL Jobs Pskov Russia
watching the videos from unit 10, it is very clear how different a teachers attitude can have over the lesson and the success of the students in the class...
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TESOL Jobs Podolsk Russia
This unit focuses on pronunciation, phonology and stress When looking at pronunciation, phonology and stress, many factors have to be incorporated into the lessons...
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TESOL Jobs Doha Qatar
Appropriate evaluation and testing can help teachers identify students' learning difficulties and thus provide help where necessary...
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TESOL Jobs Mannheim Germany
This unit went over a lot of the more vocal side of language and the sound of the English language...
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TESOL Jobs Ludwigshafen Am Rhein Germany
I will now keep in mind the seating arrangements especially noting the fact that a better atmosphere can be created by simply positioning the chairs in a more intimate fashion...
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TESOL Henning Tennessee
I have learnt the important of knowing phrasal verbs , modals and passive voice which enhances my ability to teach my student the correct grammatical structures when writing or speaking...
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TESOL Thrall Texas
Going through this unit I remembered words of my professor from the times of my secondary education when he said that: \"The teacher must be a psychologist\"...
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TESOL Willow Springs Wisconsin
It is important for teachers of EFL to have a strong knowledge of the verb tense system as it could otherwise be intimidating to teach...
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TESOL Birkenfeld Oregon
First of all,to be honest, I am very confused when and how to use the auxiliary verbs...
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TESOL Donnellson Iowa
This unit covered the four present tenses; present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous...
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TESOL Waterloo Nebraska
In this unit, it is important for both teachers and students to be familiar with the phonemic alphabet and the specific symbols as it is a useful tool to complement and learn basic pronounciation...
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TESOL Smithfield West Virginia
Looking back at this unit I think I got a very good understand of teacher student relationship of giving feedback and correction...
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TESOL Ironton Minnesota
Throughout the Unit, difficulties in the classroom are laid out as well as possible solutions to each case...
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TESOL Pelzer South Carolina
still so confusing in many way about this whole things for example, Questions 5 to 9 relate to a Boomerang style ESA lesson that uses the role-play materials from the course unit (pages 10 to 12) Allow the students to practise the use of the language with a gap-fill exercise...
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TESOL Parowan Utah
This unit is one that I feel will be very important for me as I begin my journey of teaching abroad...
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TESOL Ashland Kansas
The unit was about the types of course books and materials used in a classroom...
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TESOL Cranford New Mexico
This unit focusses on teaching pronunciation and phonology,and it's integral part of the english language...
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TESOL Holladay Utah
I am really content with the fact that teaching grammar is included in this lesson...
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TESOL Hickory Ridge Delaware
Unit 20 on Troubleshooting highlighted how to handle some of the most common problem situations a teacher can come across in class...
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TESOL Fowler Michigan
This unit covered the potential problems teachers might encounter in the classroom and ways to help circumvent these problems...
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TESOL Tees Toh Arizona
Basically this content unit featured and explained four aspects of the present tense...
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TESOL Hazleton Iowa
In this unit, model auxiliary verbs and the passive voice were examined, as well as a brief overview of phrasal verbs and relative clauses...
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TESOL Blackbird Delaware
This unit deals with the productive skills of speaking and writing and the accuracy and fluency in both...
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TESOL Stanwood Michigan
Linguists are convinced that two tenses exist that is present and past tenses, however course books and materials indicate twelve tenses...
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TESOL Greensburg Kansas
Unit 5 deals with class management concerns such as seating arrangements and student groupings, the teacher's varying role in the classroom, as well as general issues of discipline...
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