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The unit gives us the information about using course books and other teaching materials at the lesson. The statement that a teacher shouldn?t rely only on a course book proves that my lessons are formed correctly: it should be a suitable mix of the course book and additional materials found and given by the teacher. Also, the advantages/disadvantages of course books are really useful, let teachers choose course books carefully and attentively according to different factors (price, level of students, a balanced mix of study and active phases, etc.).This unit was extremely enlightening and helpful in beginning to plan what kind of equipment/materials one would like to include when they teach their own English language class. It names and explains the uses of all of the different kinds of teaching equipment/aids (such as white board, IEB, overhead projector, course books, dictionaries, computers, cd players, worksheets, etc.). It is very useful to know the different kinds of equipment as well as what they can be used for and the strengths and weaknesses of using these types of material/equipment.