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This unit is about how to teach and what are receptive skills. In this unit we learn that receptive skills are part of the four basic skills in any language (receptive skills, productive skills, speaking and writing) and are composed of reading and listening. The unit teaches us that their are two reasons for reading and listening, purpose and entertainment. We also learn about the different ways we read and listen, the problems we can encounter and of course how to prepare a lesson meant to improve both of these skills.Unit 4 has shown me methods to use when teaching vocabulary, grammar, and language functions. These items are all imperative to learning a language properly. Grammar is referred to in the lesson as the \"roots and branches\" of the \"language tree\", and vocabulary and language functions are the \"leaves\". Many methods are use to teach these different aspects, but grammar is often taught with a straight-arrow ESA structure, where functions and grammar are taught typically with a patchwork or boomerang ESA structure.