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There are many methodologies to teach English as a second language, each has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the student's level, possibility to practice English outside of lesson and personal approach. The key element to learning is engagement, and to aid engagement and motivation encouragement and praise are essential. Furthermore, ESA is an effective method to motivate students and provide them with exposure to the language. Different sequences are possible with the ESA method, but the lesson should always start with an engage phase and end with an activate phase.The Business English course is designed for teachers who would like to widen their skill set in this area. Teachers with limited previous Business English teaching experience will benefit greatly from taking this course but the course also seeks to inspire more experienced Business English teachers with new and creative ideas for the in-company classroom.pre-teach the vocabulary and structures your students are likely to need, and let them research either by giving them one or more relevant websites, or by allowing them to search for suitable websites themselves via search engines.