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L.A. - Poland said:
This unit taught and gave examples of various aspects of classroom management, or how to organize and manage a class. There are many factors to consider before setting up the structure of the room and even where to position yourself as the teacher during each section of the lesson. For example, standing at the front of the classroom demonstrates control, while sitting and occasionally monitoring student progress shows the students they are responsible for that portion of the lesson. Using gestures and speaking clearly is important as well. Teachers need to plan what type of grouping will be best for the different parts of the lesson: whole group, small groups, pairs, or individual. This is important to consider and plan ahead of time. Depending on the age of the students, class size, and the school environment, teachers may need to respond to problem behavior. This needs to be done immediately, with a calm demeanor, and further discussion with the student should be done in private if at all possible. Be clear, be kind, be consistent. It is important that at all times, teachers build and maintain good rapport with the students and keep a positive attitude.