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Argentinian Tango, Great Steak and Vibrant Local Culture Are Waiting For You!
As the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires has a lot to offer! When taking your in-class TEFL course in Buenos Aires, you'll get to dive into the vibrant culture of Argentina and experience a unique country in Latin America.
4 Reasons Why Argentina is a Great Place To Teach English Abroad
There's no place quite as unique as Argentina with it's incomparable natural beauty and welcoming locals.

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Enroll on the TEFL International TEFL course in Argentina and immerse yourself in this vibrant South American culture. Our TEFL courses in Argentina give you the opportunity to learn how to teach English while experiencing the traditions and lifestyle of a remarkably dynamic country, which is one of the most desirable places to live and work in South America. Following the course, many remain here and then go on to teach TEFL in Argentina.

Argentina, a large nation that covers most of the lower half of South America, is a country with excitement waiting around every corner. Home of the spicy dance, the tango, some world-class soccer, and a succulent steak, Argentina has something for everyone. When combined with the country’s other outstanding features: the vibrant cities and lively night life, the low cost, the welcoming people, and the breathtaking landscape, you begin to grasp its appeal as a leading location for TEFL courses and teaching English.

If you are planning on taking our TEFL course in Argentina, you will find that there is a need for qualified English language teachers, and you can find a job teaching TEFL in Argentina with little trouble soon after completing your course. On completion of your TEFL course in Argentina, you will find there are opportunities to teach English nationwide, but positions are most easily found in the larger cities, especially Buenos Aires.

Our TEFL courses in Argentina run year round, so you can be sure to find a course that meets you time frame. This TEFL course location offers many exciting features for those interested in an experience of a lifetime.

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Attend our TEFL course in Argentina and you will earn your TEFL certification in a vast and vibrant city: Buenos Aires. You will have the unique opportunity to experience a great mix of cultures within the boundaries of one city. Buenos Aires is regarded by many as one of the most elegant cities in the world, and boasts a European-flavored finesse that is unmatched in South America. When you are not attending the course, you can experience the city in all of its immensity and variety, and take some time to explore the spectacular natural wonders throughout Argentina. Upon the completion of your course day, you can enjoy some of the best food and wine in the world, then go out and practice your tango in one of the many clubs and bars. Buenos Aires is the perfect location to take a TEFL in Argentina.

TEFL International offers superb training courses for people who want to gain TEFL certification in Argentina, and our courses in Argentina remain very popular.

On completion of the course, you will have gained one of the most highly regarded TEFL certificates in Argentina.

Following your course, you can expect to find employment in one of the schools here in Buenos Aires. Beyond that, it may be more difficult to find a teaching position elsewhere in Argentina, but remember that Argentina is within easy access to other South American countries, which virtually guarantees a teaching position somewhere in the region.

Obtaining your first English teaching job is an essential step in guaranteeing you a pleasant experience teaching English. In Argentina, you will find an English teaching job if you work hard towards obtaining one. If Argentina is not to your liking, then you are in a good location to find an English teaching job in Chile and throughout South America.

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