TESOL Wilmington Manor Gardens Delaware

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Imagine that you enter your first class. Twelve pairs of eyes are fixed on you. Other than the nervous swallows you can literally hear the crickets chirping. The students don?t know you, they don?t know one another, and they don?t know the language. They?re tense and they?re not ready to learn, at least, not yet. You need to make the class fun, help the students relax, help them meet each other, and help them get to know you. This is accomplished with an icebreaker. There is no single perfect icebreaker to use. It depends on the teacher, on the type of students, on the level of the students, on whether the students know one another, and many other factors. If the students don?t have the same native tongue (L1) and know basically nothing in the language they?re trying to learn (L2) it can be difficult just to get them to follow the directions.