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Nepal’s capital city is a great location for anyone looking for adventure and stunning natural beauty. Nestled among the peaks of the mighty Himalayas, Kathmandu is surely one of the world’s most extraordinary TEFL destinations.
Kathmandu's unique mountain backdrop has to be seen to be believed
No matter how long you stay in Kathmandu, you will never grow tired of the breathtaking Himalayan views. Activities such as trekking, climbing, rafting, and kayaking, also make the city an adventure seekers paradise.

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Home of the Himalayas, birthplace of Buddha, the only Hindu nation on Earth, Nepal is as unique as it gets. With 1,310 mountains, and eight of the world’s highest mountains, Nepal is unrivalled for a variety of scenery and adventure.

Nepal is also a land of festivals. There is a festival for each day of the year with each having its own particular point of focus. Nepal is indeed a land of eternal peace and tranquility, world class art and architecture.

What Nepal lacks in material wealth and prosperity, it makes up for with the openness, friendliness and enchantment of its people.

Nepal has four major seasons, namely, Winter: December-February, Spring: March-May, Summer: June-August, Autumn: September- November. Nepal can be visited the whole year round but warm clothing will be required from October to March.

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Our TEFL Course in Nepal is delivered in the enchanting, enticing, awe inspiring city of Kathmandu. From flying into this most impressive of locations, to first hand experiences of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes, Kathmandu will astound.

Being the only real city in Nepal, Kathmandu can sometimes feel like a large city in any developing country. There is pollution, there is development and there is congestion, but take a stroll through the back streets, the alleys and micro communities and you will be blessed to witness the city’s cultural heritage in all its glory.

Temples and shrines adorn throughout the city. Backstreet Kathmandu often feels like taking a step back 400 years. The architecture, the way of life, the working tools and conditions all contribute to one actually sensing they are in medieval times.

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The experience of spending a month or more is this captivating country is reason enough to take our TEFL Course in Nepal. After successful completion of your course, you will be ideally located to gain TEFL teaching experience anywhere in world.

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