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A.S. - Georgia said:
From the content in Unit 9 on Lesson Planning, I have learnt that there are in summary four reasons why we should create lesson plans as teachers. These range from simple order of planning and making a logical sequence for us to refer back to, to use as records of what have been previously taught, or what might be most important in case we must miss a class. So it may be used by another to cover our lesson. Each lesson plan is broken down into the lesson plan's own outline, and the procedure outlines following it. Lesson Planning may cover all essential information with regards to classroom location, level, and what is needed for the lesson being taught. This also includes any possible problems for both the student and instructor, and what can be done to fix these. Procedure outlines are basic summaries on duration, interaction, and what will happen for ESA lessons. They give key details and a rough estimate to follow for how long something should be focused on, and what we expect to do in that procedure. It is most important to consider flexibility, Variety, and Goals when making any lesson plan. Also, that we may be able to properly conduct the processes for study activities so we can then monitor our students and give or get feedback.