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TESOL Certification Bukhara Uzbekistan
As for unit (7), teaching new language, was studied, I now have a good idea how to teach new vocabularies with the grammatical structure to those who want to learn new language...
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TESOL Certification Oceanside United States
This unit teaches me how to understand my future students and work effectively with them and keep on track and how to teach the principle to the answer and how to teach the esa and the stages it should be teached in and correctness should be done in the study time and how to have a parent and child relationship with the classroom so that everyone feels welcome...
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TESOL Certification Telford United Kingdom
This module was tricky, although i am already a teacher i found it hard understanding what parts of each section of a lesson would fit into, therefore i recapped the previous modules...
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TESOL Certification Tunis Tunisia
This lesson focused around the present tenses of the English language, including Present Simple, Present Perfect, Present Continuous and Present Perfect Continuous...
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TESOL Certification Gabes Tunisia
This unit taught me the different types of assessments I will need to use as a teacher of English as a foreign language...
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TESOL Certification Terrassa Spain
In this unit we saw the modal auxiliary verbs (can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, have to, have got to, neednt and ought to), we saw the passive (the foccus is on the action not the subject) and the active, we saw the relative clauses ( independet, dependent and relative) and the phrasal verbs (Intransitive, transitive and transitive inseparable)...
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TESOL Certification Seville Spain
In this unit, I learned about teaching vocabulary including how to select vocabulary, what students need to know about a vocabulary word, the different techniques to teach vocabulary including Engage (example, pictures), Study (example, gap-fill searches) and Activate (example, debate) and the different types of lessons including straight arrow, boomerang and patchwork...
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TESOL Certification San Sebastian Spain
For all teachers and also for new teachers who face with all the unpredictability, spontaneity and simultaneity of the classroom , lesson plan is necessary...
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TESOL Certification Zrenjanin Serbia
Unit 15 introduces the subject of evaluating and testing your students' language skills and ways to calculate their progress, by using tutorials, evaluation by students and test assessments...
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TESOL Certification Subotica Serbia
The unit of Present Tenses explains the Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous...
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TESOL Certification Colon Panama
Unit 3 concentrates on classroom managememt, from the arrangement of furniture , eye contact to writing on the blackboard...
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TESOL Certification Porac Pampanga
this class was a great example of what to do in a class and what not to do this unite was a great example of what we have been learning through out this course and i really enjoyed it however i do have a small problem the audio quality in the videos made it a little hard to understand what the students and the teacher were saying at some times but other than that it was a good unitThis unit was too difficult for me...
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TESOL Certification Mangora Pakistan
There are four things that students need to do with new language:be exposed to it,understand its meaning,understand how it's constructed and be able to practice and produce it...
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TESOL Certification Larkana Pakistan
In this unit I learnt the advantages and disadvantages of using course books and how to use these in conjunction with the materials, either provided or designed by oneself...
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TESOL Certification Khanpur Pakistan
This unit was about recognizing the present tense`s form, usage, typical student errors, and what kind of activities you can do to practice present tense...
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TESOL Certification Stavanger Norway
In this unit, I have learned the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of student groupings and seating arrangements...
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TESOL Certification Oslo Norway
The unit covered equipment and teaching aids that teachers could use to ease or help the process and communication between them and the students...
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TESOL Certification Haarlem Netherlands
Unit seems to a little tough but it's good to understand the Task based learning, the communicative language teaching, community language learning, the silent way,the suggest paediatric, and the approach ...
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TESOL Certification Vilnius Lithuania
This module has given me a deep understanding of usage of teaching equipment, which essentially help teachers deliver their language knowledge to students...
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