TEFL Reviews

TESOL Erie Kansas
This unit talked about the two different aspects of language usage and language learning...
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TESOL Bier Maryland
I have learned the different reasons for why we read and listen...
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TESOL Barronett Wisconsin
This unit went over potential problems or occurrences in classrooms and how to deal with them...
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TESOL Tully New York
Unit Ten uses two videos to show the difference between an effective teacher and one that is not effective...
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TESOL Rockland Wisconsin
With conditional sentences, we are talking about things that could happen with conditions...
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TESOL Charlestown Wisconsin
Authentic materials are any sort of written material that a native speaker could come across in everyday life...
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TESOL Amity Oregon
When teaching English as a second language there are many different methods and techniques that teachers can use to help students learn...
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TESOL Hyde Park Utah
This unit focuses on the variety of materials that teachers can use to aid their students? progress in the classroom...
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TESOL Merrionette Park Indiana
When teaching vocabulary, we should be aware of the factors that indicate how easy or difficult a vocabulary item is...
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TESOL Onaga Kansas
In Unit 12 I appreciated the sample lesson and activity ideas...
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TESOL Macclesfield North Carolina
This unit iterated the practice of maintaining student discipline whilst creating an effective classroom environment beneficial to learning...
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TESOL Vanleer Tennessee
The content of this unit comprises the methods and techniques used in lesson planning in teaching English as a foreign language...
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TESOL Andrews North Carolina
The first and most basic obligation of a teacher is to see the beauty that exists within every student...
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TESOL Choctaw Louisiana
In this unit, how to teach new vocabulary, grammar and function were covered...
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TESOL Noble Louisiana
In Unit 14 the topics of Coursebooks and Lesson materials were introduced...
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TESOL Redwater Texas
This unit covers the various evaluations and testing that are used in different scenarios...
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TESOL Farr West Utah
Unit 12 deals with the teaching of the productive skills of speaking and writing, along with the use of games as a useful inclusion at any stage of the lesson...
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TESOL Alamo North Dakota
In this unit, I learnt that engaging students in the topic is vital to their motivation and understanding and using materials like videos and music can really help students imagine in more detail the topic, theme or famous star that is the centre of the lesson...
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TESOL May Oklahoma
This final unit highlights challenges teachers would face in the EFL classroom, depending on the size of the class, the difficulty level of material and students behaviour towards learning...
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TESOL Hartselle Alabama
Unit 10 provides videos of two different lessons: a bad example and a good example...
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TESOL Hulaco Alabama
The receptive skills or reading and listening skills are equally important as the productive or speaking and writing skills...
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TESOL Moorland Iowa
This unit has shown a brief overview on how this 'teaching business English' course will be given to me...
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TESOL Fernan Lake Village Idaho
In this unit I learned how to differentiate between the two different types of phrasal verbs, I learned what modal verbs are, and I remembered how to form the passive voice...
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TESOL Plain City Utah
In this unit I learned a lot about Modal Auxiliary Verbs, Passive Voice, Relative Clauses and Phrasal Verbs...
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TESOL Buffalo Indiana
Receptive skills are part of the four language skills, reading, listening, writing and speaking...
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TESOL Ewa Beach Hawaii
The various techniques regarding equipment and teaching aids are all found in this unit which are all important tools used by the teacher to provide informative lessons as well as engaging students entirely throughout all the lesson...
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TESOL Millry Alabama
In this unit, I learned about the potential problems that I might see in my classroom...
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