TEFL Reviews

TESOL Hometown Illinois
These videos have demonstrated well that the teacher's attitude effects the whole lesson and the students understanding...
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TESOL Tainan
This unit examined the different materials a teacher can use during a course...
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TESOL Jerusalem
This unit was an introduction to all the English grammar rules I have taken for granted in my life thus far...
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TESOL Zhaotong
This unit presented a variety of common problems that teachers can face in the classroom environment, and the different techniques which can be used to overcome these issues...
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TESOL Liaoyang
In this unit I learned that teaching aids, or using different equipment, in a classroom is very important if a teacher wants to provide varied and interesting lessons...
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After completing this course I understand much more clearly the time, effort and dedication that goes into being a second language english teacher...
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Lesson Plan TESOL
After taking this course, I have learned a lot of knowledge...
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Fee Accelerated TESOL
I think this course has helped me review a lot of grammar that I had learned as a child...
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Colleges TESOL Online
I feel that the course was very well structured and covered areas which are necessary to enter a classroom with the confidence to begin teaching right from the get-go...
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TESOL Certification Yemen Hudaida
Unit 19 covered teaching special groups such as beginner learners, young learners, and specific purpose English learners...
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TESOL Jobs Turkey Gebze
At the start of the new class whether the classmates know each other or not it is good to begin with warmers to loosen up the classroom, establish rapport with the students and set the tone of the course...
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TESOL Jobs Turkey Gaziantep
Unit 8 describes the 7 future tenses (2 of which are present tenses, but can be used in future context): the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, the 'going to' future, present simple, and present continuous...
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TESOL Jobs Turkey Eskisehir
This unit provided scenarios of problems that could arise in a classroom and ways to alleviate those problems...
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TESOL Jobs Turkey Erzurum
In this lesson I learned that there are five different types of conditionals that we can use...
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TESOL Jobs Senegal Dakar
This unit reviews different types of lesson materials and the pros and cons of using a course book in class...
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TESOL Jobs Saudi Arabia Riyadh
This unit discusses teaching English to special groups, such as beginners, individuals, business people, multilingual groups, and monolingual groups...
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TESOL Jobs Saudi Arabia Medina
To be able to reaffirm all this unit content again in my mind, modal verbs (modal verbs) are a special set of verbs that help and / or complete the meaning of the main verb...
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TESOL Jobs Bago City Philippines
This unit gave explanations and examples on how to teach in a specialised environment such as beginners, children, individual and ESP...
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TESOL Jobs San Martin El Salvador
This unit demonstratively shows how a perfect lesson must look like (in comparison with the example of a bad lesson)...
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TESOL Bowman North Dakota
This unit covered the importance and purpose of planning lessons and provided sample outlines and exercises to help demonstrate how to execute those lessons in the classroom...
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TESOL Zagreb
Current English teaching has evolved through time following the pace of always evolving psychological theories and new language acquisition studies...
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TESOL Krasnodar
This unit covers teaching special groups I found it extremely useful...
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