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This unit introduces some of the common tests used in the school. Placement tests are used before the start of a course to see what language level is the student in so as to arrange the student to a suitable class. Progress tests are designed to monitor what students have learnt and what they have forgotten. Practice tests are usually used to prepare for external tests. External examinations are tests for students whose mother language is not English but they need to prove their language level due to work reason or live abroad.This was a section that taught me about the various and most effective uses of the technologies/aids I have at my disposal as an English teacher as well as how I should be implementing them into the classroom setting. It also served as a reminder of the shortcomings that these same technologies have even to this day.So in short, I learned I should plan for the worst hope for the best and not use these aids as a crutch but more so as something to enhance the learning experience of the students as well as the pace of the lessons.