TEFL Reviews

TESOL Jobs Brazil Francisco Morato
After going through the unit, I have come to the conclusion that teaching is a business where teachers and students have to reach an agreement and level of commitment to achieve their goals and objectives on both sides...
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TESOL Jobs Brazil Franca
This unit covered the techniques of delivering vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language structures to students...
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TESOL Jobs Brazil Foz Do Iguau
The content of this unit sets out all the necessary 'ingredients' and recipe for an effective learning experience...
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TESOL Jobs Brazil Crato
Unit seven taught me how to deliver vocabularies, grammar, and functions to students using the ESA approach...
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TESOL Jobs Brazil Contagem
Notes: Past simple: Affirmative: (add -ed or –d to the base form of the verb); Affirmative: (add -ed or –d to the base form of the verb) Past continuous: Past tense of the auxiliary verb be (was/were) + the present participle (verb+'ing'); Affirmative: (subject + was/were + verb+ing); For interrupted past actions, Used without a time expression, it can indicate gradual development that took place in the past, It can express an action, which began before that time and probably continued after it, We use the continuous tense in descriptions...
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TESOL Certification Antakya Turkey
Seeing both video presentations really distinguished how a teacher's demeanor can affect and impact the class and it's content absorption...
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TESOL Certification Noginsk Russia
I found this unit more difficult as I have been out of school for many years and had forgotten most of what I learned about the english language...
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TESOL Certification Nizhny Tagil Russia
This unit clarified the various formal methods, from evaluations to tutorials to tests, which a TEFL teacher can employ in order to gain information about a student's language ability...
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TESOL Certification Yamuna Nagar India
I have learned the importance of classroom management and if you have a friendly and relaxed manner you will maintain a happy classroom with discipline and respect for one another...
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TESOL Certification Siegen Germany
this unit is interesting because the videos depict the teacher's attitude in the class which plays a very important role on students learning...
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TESOL Certification Salzgitter Germany
The content of this unit has proven to be really helpful in understanding how to teach students using the various structures such as the Boomerang, Straight, Arrow and Patchwork ESA structures...
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TESOL Certification Mannheim Germany
The Unit mostly touches the usage of the lesson materials, advantages and disadvantages of those and hints about how is better to choose the course book and use it with a mutual benefit for teacher and student...
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TESOL Certification Lubeck Germany
Even though I am a native Englishman, I still really do struggle with the rules and procedures of grammar, I have sifted through this unit basically with my fingers crossed, hoping for the best...
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TESOL Jobs Fayetteville United States
Classroom management is a wide variety of idea concerning the classrooms and the the effect of teaching to students in that classroom...
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TESOL Jobs Hilla Iraq
I learned the part of speech in English and the basic tenses used in verbs...
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