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This unit covered the techniques of delivering vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language structures to students. The variation between delivering the vocabulary lessons and grammatical structures is so important as each includes different activities for students to carry out in the activate stage. Also, this unit provided many ideas for the engage stage like miming, showing pictures, and using real objects are so essential and interesting especially in teaching vocabulary for early stage students. Moreover, teaching each of vocabulary lessons, grammar, or language structures differs in the technique of applying the ESA stages, as in teaching vocabulary, we use the straightforward arrow ESA which is (Engage-study-activate), and in teaching grammatical structures we use patchwork style of ESA which can be (Engage-activate-study-activate-study-activate), while in teaching language structures like inviting,refusing,agreeing, or disagreeing we use the boomerang style of ESA which is (engage-activate-study-activate).