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TESOL Certification Uzbekistan Bukhara
After learning everything you need to know as an english language instructor,it becomes very necessary for you to practice what you have learnt...
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TESOL Certification Uzbekistan Jizzakh
When it comes to selecting vocabulary to teach, teachers have to consider properly as students may find it off-putting if words chosen are far beyond their language level, especially for those beginners...
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TESOL Certification Uzbekistan Tashkent
This unit covers more unique or specialized types of English classes, such as teaching small children, individual lessons, or business employees...
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TESOL Certification United States Indianapolis
Writing a lesson plan has three important functions: 1) An aid to planning, 2) a working document, 3) A record Basic principles of lesson planning: - Keep it simple - Avoid scripting - Structure and maintain - Write anticipated time for each structure - Check for balance of skill - Adapt/remain flexible Lesson Organisation: - Check for lesson plan - Preparation of lesson aids - Check the equipment - Arrange seating - Clear whiteboard - Chat/interact with entering students A lesson plan should include: - Learner objectives - Personal Aims - Language Point - Teaching aids - Anticipated problems - Procedure - Phase - Timing - Interaction - Class level - # students - Date/time - My & observer's name...
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TESOL Certification United States Livonia
Receptive and productive skills are equally important and wherever possible we should try to incorporate all of them into our lessons if we want to have a balanced approach...
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TESOL Certification United States Flint
As somebody who has spent time learning another language this lesson was very interesting because I know it is something that I have struggled with feeling confident in receptive skills, listening in particular...
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TESOL Certification United States Fort Wayne
whatever the level of the class and however the teacher arranges the study phase of the lesson there are four things that the students need to do with new language , student should be exposed to it, understand its meaning, understand how its constructed and be able to practice and produce it...
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TESOL Certification United States Fremont
Chapter three taught me about the following EFL methodologies: Grammar - translation, Audio - lingualism, Presentation, Practice, and Production, Task-Based Learning, Communicative Language Teaching, Community Language Learning, The Silent Way, Suggestopedia, and the Lexical Approach...
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TESOL Certification United States Fresno
This unit reflects on the relationship between teachers and learners and the necessary balance required, in order to achieve the most efficient results...
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