TEFL Reviews

TESOL Hamhung
This unit focuses on the various teaching methodologies, with focus on the ESA (Engage, Study, and Activate)...
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TESOL Blantyre City
In this unit, we could watch 2 versions of a TEFL lesson - one in which the TEFL teacher demonstrated a lack of interest in the lesson and the learners - and a second in which the teacher showed greater interest in the learners and took greater care to teach the materials...
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TESOL Yichang
Though the two videos cover the same topic, they are vastly different...
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Class Distance TESOL
Motivating studentsMotivating students can be one of the most challenging and difficult tasks a teacher might encounter...
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TESOL Aurelius New York
Past tenses includes four aspects: past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous...
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TESOL Langdon Kansas
These two video lessons reflect two different ways of a teacher's attitude and approach to a lesson...
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TESOL Mantador North Dakota
This unit covered teaching techniques for teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions of the English language...
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Distance Learning TESOL
The course influenced me a lot as it showed me how many responsibilities an english teacher has...
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Cheapest TESOL School
As someone who has gained a degree in education I chose the course because it was a formal requirement for the program I am applying to...
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TESOL Certification China Qufu
Unit 20 appears to be the final unit of the course program and its main focus are on the various difficulties a teacher might face in the classroom ...
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TESOL Certification China Huangyan
In this Unit (Unit 20: Troubleshooting), I've learned the common problem situations that teacher can encounter in the classroom and also the ways of resolving or dealing with them...
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TESOL Certification China Huanghua
The contents and information presented in unit 13, “Teaching Pronunciation & Phonology”, provided me with an extensive review of the role that both intonation and stress points in a sentence plays in the communication of English language...
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TESOL Jobs Jordan Irbid
Teaching receptive skills is very important in teaching any language, or in any classroom learning...
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TESOL Jobs Jordan Amman
The information contained in unit 15,”Evaluation and Testing” covers the means by which a student’s level of English as a foreign language may be assessed during various stages of the learning process...
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TESOL Jobs Jiangxi Fuzhou
This unit covered the how and what is the appropriate use of course books and various materials to aid teaching...
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TESOL Jobs Jiangsu Suzhou
This unit gave me an understanding of how reading and listening works when we come across new things for the first time...
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TESOL Jobs Japan Handa
In this unit, it gives a brief overview on how the four different present tenses (present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous) shall be used...
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TESOL Jobs Japan Hachioji
Unit 2 clearly defines various teaching methods with a more in depth study of Jeremy Harmer’s Engage Study Activate methodology (ESA)...
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TESOL Jobs Japan Habikino
This unit was very challenging for me as I am a native English speaker and have never officially learned the basic rules of the English grammar...
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TESOL Jobs Brazil Suzano
Phonetics is the study of human sounds in general without saying what function which sounds may have in a particular language...
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TESOL Jobs Brazil Sobral
This unit covers the four present tenses: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous...
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TESOL Jobs Brazil Garanhuns
Wow this was a tough unit! Though I was slightly familiar with the term modal auxiliary, I had forgotten that it referred to words that express so may things! Obligation, permission/prohibition, possibility/probability, ability and advice...
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TESOL Jobs Brazil Francisco Morato
After going through the unit, I have come to the conclusion that teaching is a business where teachers and students have to reach an agreement and level of commitment to achieve their goals and objectives on both sides...
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TESOL Jobs Brazil Franca
This unit covered the techniques of delivering vocabulary, grammatical structures, and language structures to students...
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