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I think the most confusion bits from this unit came from phrasal verbs. Granted, students have a hard time with passive language, for me, it might have to be explaining and teaching phrasal verbs. Seeing that there's not just one, not two, but three basic types, it was a bit confusing. We have Type 1 (intransitive) basically saying that phrasal verbs can't be followed by a direct object, Type 2 (transitive separable) only object pronouns can come between verb and the particle, and lastly, Type 3 (transitive inseparable) where the object phrase/object pronoun BOTH come after the particle. The biggest advice for teaching seems to be, 1). Don't be afrad it use them, 2). Allow the students to use them so that they naturally become used in their every day language. Judging by the unit it shared that choosing a speicic subject make the the learning process (of phrasal verbs) much easier. Definitely noted.