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K. S. - U.S.A. said:
There are 4 basic Language Skills. Two, reading and listening , are receptive, while the other two, speaking and writing, are productive. This unit is about teaching Receptive learning skills. The reasons for reading and listening are for a purpose, for entertainemt or for a combination of bothe. For entertainment Our understanding of what we read or hear happenens within context of our pre-existent knowledge. Words and sentences vary in meaning according to their context and our predictive skills are usually based upon or prior experience. We read in different ways for differnt piurposes: Specific information -scanning; General idea ? scanning; Detailed reading for information; and Deduction from content Problems with Listening and Reading The learning of language is aided by pre-teaching vocabulary and the careful selection of texts. Until students are sufficently skilled, authentic texts can be too complicated for beginning learners. It is often best to use non-authentic texts that are suited to the students abilities. It is more productive to select topics that align with the interests of the students. Some useful lesson tasks include jigsaw reading, and jumbled texts. Some sample materials were provided This lesson also included an outline of a typical receptive skills lesson (Patchwork) based upon these materials.