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M.M. – U.S.A. said:
As someone who has gained a degree in education I chose the course because it was a formal requirement for the program I am applying to. I was sure that after a four year degree in a private school for education that I would not learn much from an online course but I was surprised. The college had taught me grammar to teach young learners but I learned far more in the online class. I assumed a native english speaker would be able to breeze through grammar but I was mistaken. I had gained a new appreciation in how much work a student learning english as a second language has to put forth to learn english, because even after everything I had learned I still struggled with some aspects of english grammar. I can emphasize with how confusing the grammar and all the rules with exceptions can be. I also gained a lot of great ideas for games and creative ideas for lesson plans I had not already thought of. I plan to take the PDFs of the units with me to Korea to refer back to as I teach. I have gained a better understanding of english grammar and now have a number of tools to help me be a better teacher. Overall the course has helped me both in my confidence to teach english as a second language but also helped me become a better teacher by giving me more skills to use in the classroom.