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In this unit I was able to understand the importance of the four different skills that we need to take into consideration when teaching a new language,such as receptive and productive skills. With any of these skills, we need to be careful, we need to think if the topics will be of interest to the students and also check if the vocabulary will be understandable for them. Also, I was able to understand how to include these skills in each ESA phase. Which is where we are going to see results from the students and have a successful learning experience/process.This unit was very useful to better understand the different techniques in teaching adults Business English. Both the advantages and disadvantages of teaching one-to-one or mixed groups of adults are clearly portrayed. The teaching method overview section is also very useful in order for me to better understand the different methodology and enable me to cater it in different scenarios. In my modest opinion for mixed level groups the ESA methodology works the best. I am looking forward in learning more in depth the teaching methodologies in the other units.