Take our 4-week TEFL/TESOL in-class course in Alexandria
As Egypt’s second city and a major trade hub, Alexandria has a wide variety of teaching jobs available to our TEFL course graduates. The city’s long and colorful history also ensures there are plenty of fascinating attractions to explore.
With a history that dates back over 2,000 years, Alexandria is definitely special
Founded by the legendary Alexander the Great, the city of Alexandria enjoys a stunning location along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Its distinctive mix of relaxing beach life and ancient history makes for a unique location to take your TEFL course.
Although small in number compared to other continents, jobs are available in many countries across the region.
Egypt has one of the largest demands for EFL teachers in Africa, with a range of opportunities on offer in most major towns and cities. You will also find plenty of rewarding volunteer positions where you can gain valuable classroom experience.

TESOL Certifications in Alexandria | TESOL in Egypt

Alexandria is a great place to take your TEFL course in Egypt. You will learn how to teach English and yet at the same time you will have the opportunity to experience and learn about the history and culture of an ancient civilization as well as enjoying the fantastic water sports and the exciting free excursions that we offer. As there are many teaching vacancies in Egypt and throughout the region, this is a good place to take your TESOL course and start your career in teaching english abroad.

Alexandria is a wonderful city on the Mediterranean that truly contrasts the ancient and modern side by side. You will see Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Coptic, Islamic and Arab history and civilizations on one hand and modern building and shopping facilities on the other. Yet it all blends together harmoniously as though that was the way it was meant to be. Alexandria extends approximately 20 miles along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Alexandria was established by the great ancient ruler Alexander the Great, after whom the city derives its name, when he decided to select this small fishing village as his capital. Alexandria was once one of the world's most famous cities and remained capital of Egypt for nearly 1000 years. It is now home to a population ranging somewhere between 3.5 to 5 million inhabitants and as such is the second-largest city in Egypt, after Cairo. Alexandria is located about 2 hours from Cairo and its famous pyramids.

Modern day Alexandria is considered as a summer beach resort and many tourists visit the area to enjoy the sun and sea here. Beaches become rather busy and it is not unusual to see rows of umbrellas along the beachfront. The city itself is also busier than usual at this time of the year. The public beaches can get rather crowded in summer time but there are also private beaches (a small fee is payable) which remain relatively quiet and peaceful. The general area is also home to world famous water sports.

However, Alexandria isn't just beaches and sea. There is a wide variety of important historical monuments to visit, including the Greco-Roman Museum. This museum is home to relics dating back to the 3rd century BC. There is an impressive granite sculpture of Apis, the sacred bull worshipped by Egyptians, as well as an interesting range of mummies, sarcophagi, pottery and ancient tapestries.

Here you can also find one of the few portrayals of the Pharos of Alexandria (one of the Seven Wonders of the World). The only Roman Amphitheatre in Egypt was discovered in 1964 and its lovely marble terraces remain in excellent condition. Excavation of the site is still continuing slightly to the north of the theatre.

Other sights worth visiting are Pompey's Pillar, which is an enormous pink monument measuring 9m (30ft) around its base and the catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqafa, which is regarded as the largest Roman burial site throughout the whole of Egypt and consists of a number of tiers of tombs and hallways. The catacombs were begun over 1800 years ago and are home to approximately 300 corpses.

Cleopatra's Palace is widely thought to be under the seabed off Alexandria and experts continue to search the area. Some columns have already been found and only recently archaeologists raised a lovely statue of Isis from the warm Mediterranean waters.

In your free time, you will also have the chance to see many of Egypt's most fascinating and popular tourist attractions:

In fact we offer a free trip to Cairo where you can see the world famous Pyramids, the Sphinx, all of the Pharaoh monuments in the Egyptian museum.

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The School

Our school is Alexandria is equipped with all the necessary facilities, materials and resources that you will need during your course. Our training staff is very experienced and friendly and all staff members are eager to make sure that you have an unforgettable experience both inside and outside of the classroom

Our TESOL training center in Alexandria is situated in an ideal location and is just a few minutes’ walk from a number of good several cafes and restaurants. The training center is also in a good position for public and private transport so getting around the city is relatively straightforward and inexpensive. Our TESOL course facility is also just a short journey to all Alexandria's major attractions.


Alexandria TESOL course accommodation in al-Agami, a seafront suburb of Alexandria, consists of a shared apartment on our private campus. Each apartment has a furnished sitting room, a bathroom with hot water and a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, a cooker, and cooking utensils. All apartments are clean, comfortable and adequately furnished, but you'll need to bring sheets and towels. Optional free cleaning services are available once per week upon request.

Al-Agami itself is approximately 30 minutes by cab from the Alexandria city center at a cost of 20 Egyptian pounds; public transportation is also available for around 5 Egyptian pounds. Free private transportation from the campus to the city center is provided twice a week outside school hours. Transportation is also provided to and from schools during teaching practice with free transportation is provided between school and campus on school days during school hours.

Al-Agami is a popular resort area with supermarkets, restaurants, and other stores containing all the items you may need to live comfortably. Paradise beach, a popular local beach to which the TESOL course has private access during the summer, is located within a hundred yards of the campus. Although the area is much quieter in the off-season (October to May), you will still find plenty of shops and restaurants open and busy. For further information about your living and learning arrangements, please ask to have photos or information about the campus emailed to you.

Arabic Cultural Immersion Program

After your TESOL course in Alexandria, you then have the opportunity to teach English and learn Arabic. The Alexandria TESOL centre offers internships to Egypt TESOL graduates who successfully complete their TESOL certification course. The six-week internship consists of 48 hours of Arabic classes + 12 hours of cultural activities.

Interns teach their own EFL classes (a maximum of 10 hours per week), to gain practical experience of the more advanced areas of teaching, such as administrative issues, conducting a full workload of teaching, and getting general experience.

Program fees are US$ 300. Free accommodation is provided during the six weeks of the Arabic Cultural Immersion Program.

In order to qualify, the intern will have to:

  • Achieve a satisfactory performance in the TESOL certificate program, including the teaching practice.
  • Be willing to work in a professional environment while being a foreign language student.
  • By the end of the internship period, the intern will receive a certificate for the Arabic course, and a letter of reference from the TESOL centre in Egypt stating the tasks and jobs the graduate has performed.

Course dates


  • 19 May 2024 - 13 June
  • 30 June 2024 - 25 July
  • 28 July 2024 - 22 August
  • 25 August 2024 - 19 September
  • 6 October 2024 - 31 October
  • 3 November 2024 - 28 November
  • 1 December 2024 - 26 December

Course fees

The total price is divided into: deposit and balance.

The deposit may be paid via a) credit card b) Paypal c) wire transfer d) Western Union.

The balance of the course fee must be paid by cash, PayPal or bank transfer directly to the training center on the first day of the course.


US$ 600
to be paid in advance
US$ 1090
to be paid on arrival

Accomodation Fees

The accommodation fees are not part of the course price and you are free to choose whichever accommodation option you prefer.

If you choose to use our accommodation, it should be paid for either by cash, PayPal or bank transfer directly to the school at the start of the course.

Full Course
US$ 100
(to be paid on arrival)
4 weeks in-class course in Alexandria
special price on offer from
$ 1690
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my payment options?


    Course deposits must be paid to our administrative center. Credit/debit card payments are the fastest and cheapest way to pay, but we also accept payments via Western Union, Pay Pal and bank transfer. While there are no deadlines for a deposit, courses can fill up quickly and your seat will only be reserved after the deposit has been paid. Once you make your deposit, you will receive an email with an informational packet that provides detailed information about the course and Alexandria itself.

    Please pay the balance of the course fees in Alexandria directly at the school on the first day of the course. Payment can be made in cash (US dollars or Egyptian pounds) or via Visa, Master Card, Maestro or JCB credit/debit cards. If paying by credit card you must have the actual card with your name on it for processing. Payment via bank transfers or checks should be arranged with the school prior to arrival.

    Course fees are all-inclusive so you won’t be asked to pay additional costs for course related materials or services. This also includes course moderation and accreditation fees, airport pick-ups*, lifetime job assistance, a welcome dinner and daily refreshments.

    * Airport pick-ups are available at 3:00 p.m. on the Friday before the course begins.

  • What are my accommodation options?


    Shared Apartment (US$ 100): The accommodation is located in a seafront suburb of Alexandria and consists of a shared two bedroom apartment on our private campus. Each apartment has a furnished sitting room, a bathroom with hot water and a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, a cooker and cooking utensils. All apartments are clean, comfortable and adequately furnished. Free cleaning services are available once a week upon request. This option is available from the Wednesday before the course begins and the price covers the four week stay. If you would like to choose your accommodation independently, you are welcome to do so.

    What travel documents will I need for egypt?

    You will be required to get a tourist visa (our course is registered as a seminar in Egypt, not as a school) from the nearest Egyptian Consulate or Embassy. This process takes about one week. You can also obtain your visa upon arrival in Cairo. However, we recommend getting your visa before you leave your home country so you do not have to waste time at the airport.*

    * As this information is subject to change at any time, we advise you to contact your local consulate for current travel regulations prior to planning your trip.

  • What is the course schedule?


    The first class will take place on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. Classes run from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. There is a lunch break from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in addition to appropriate breaks between sessions. Classes run from Sunday through to Thursday, a typical school week in Egypt. The first two weeks are input sessions where trainees acquire skills related to teaching techniques, classroom management, grammar, phonology, Arabic language and culture and other components of the course.

  • What can I expect during teaching practice?


    We use local Egyptian students for the trainees’ teaching practice and all practice sessions are held in real classrooms.

    Teaching practice starts in the last two weeks of the course. It includes live teaching observation, shared teaching practice and six teaching practice classes. In a typical day our trainees go to the teaching practice school to give their lesson in the morning (transport is provided) and in the afternoon they prepare for the next teaching practice class with the assistance of the trainers at the center.

    Lessons are based upon real teaching resources found all over the world and you will have the chance to create your own materials as well. You will receive the aid of your course trainer throughout lesson planning and receive immediate feedback on your lesson after it’s been delivered. Practicum is assessed and a satisfactory assessment is required to earn your TEFL/TESOL certificate.

  • Who usually attends the course?


    We average eight trainees on each course. The majority of trainees are native English speakers but we also get some fluent English speakers from the local region training with us. Trainees must be 18 years of age or older and the age range varies greatly depending on the course.

  • Is there a dress code?


    During trainees’ lessons, casual attire is allowed. Egypt can get rather hot so this means sandals, shorts, t-shirts and other loose fitting clothing, cotton attire is best. During teaching practice you will need to dress in trousers/skirts and closed-toe shoes. Men need collared shirts, while women need to wear conservative tops that will cover their shoulders. Men also need to shave or keep facial hair neatly trimmed. No visible tattoos or facial piercings are allowed while teaching local students.

  • What should I bring for course studies?


    Please be sure to arrive on the first day of the course with a notebook and a pen. We also encourage you to bring a laptop as we have Wi-Fi at the training center. We will provide all course materials for you so there is no need to bring anything else for the course itself.