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Reading and Listening Skills come easy to those who speak English as a native language because we are actively engaged in these behaviors every day, without even realizing it. However, it can be difficult to do even such menial tasks if the language is new and confusing. Those who speak other languages can pick up on the same reading and listening skills, if given the opportunity to do so with topics that are interesting and engaging and if the teacher is able to overcome the hurdles of words and phrases that may be difficult to understand, away from American culture.This was rather a difficult unit, because I didn't have any previous experience related to for example phonetics. Therefore, it was a lot of work to study, in order to completely understand this unit. However, in my opinion this was again a very useful unit, because it describes how you can improve student's pronunciation. For example, the unit contains several examples of how to teach and improve the students their pronunciation skills. Besides, this unit was very useful, because it provided a lot more insight about pronunciation than I had before studying this unit.