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J.O.- Philippines said:
An affective class does not only depend on the teacher but also on the books and the materials the teacher is using for his or her lesson . Unit 14 elaborates on that and I learnt that materials can be divided into two authentic materials like newspaper, magazines ,songs , poems etc are not designed for EFL ,thus should be carefully selected.The authentic are used because they are real and therefore more interesting and motivating,students gain confidence when they understand them etc .The other is creative materials designed by the teachers to replace or supplement materials from the course book.e.g role-play, crossswork,picture stories Etc.Moreso , some advantages of the course like It provides security for students and teachers alike,it provides a syllabus which is graded to a level suitable for the students ,it offers continuity and progression and so on while some disadvantages of course book like :It does not always fit the specific needs interests of all the class members ,a course is always almost a compromise ,exclusive use of course can become very predictable and boring for the students etc.is well explained and treated in this unit.Finally best use and the four different options for course use like omit,replace ,supplement, adapt in this unit will help me a lot to know when and how to use the course book.