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In this unit we learnt about modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. We looked at modals which describe ability, advice,deductions, obligations,offer, permission, possibility, prediction, prohibition, promise and request. May, might, must, can, could, would, should are some modal verbs. There are active and passive voice. We saw the various passive formations for the different tenses. Relationship clauses are of three categories. They are independent clause, dependant clause and relative clause. Phrasal verbs can be intransitive, transitive seperable, transitive inseparable.The first thing I can agree on is teaching younger students, they are by far the easiest and most rewarding, saying that,I found the activities given very helpful, specially with the one on one's. I learnt to also slow down my work pace and use more simple words to get across the information I wanted them to learn. I learnt that there are many different aspects when it comes to teaching English ect.. The business students, I think that would be a rather interesting task, and the needs analysis can work out also with old students, to help identify what they might be lacking in.