TEFL Reviews

TESOL Jobs Erbil Iraq
This test here has confirmed what i had believed for a while, a good healthy mixture of course books and created materials is important...
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TESOL Jobs Basra Iraq
I'm glad that in this unit my concerns regarding lesson planning were clarified...
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TESOL Jobs Baghdad Iraq
In this unit, I learned how to teach language functions, grammar and vocabulary in a classroom setting...
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TESOL Jobs Camacari Brazil
Teaching a new language is not easy, but in this unit i learnt very good options to do it in a very effective way...
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TESOL Jobs Campina Grande Brazil
I had not considered using a course book in my lessons but this module makes me think about how that may benefit in some areas of teaching, especially if I struggle to come up with an engaging and effective plan for one lesson...
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TESOL Jobs Camaragibe Brazil
Unit twenty,focused on trouble shooting,presents common problems and situations that could be faced by teachers in a new class and how to handle them...
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TESOL Hughesville Maryland
This unit involved watching two videos of two different demo lessons, the first of which was an example of what not to do in the classroom and the second one of what a better lesson for the same topic would look like...
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TESOL Addison Michigan
I became aware of the anatomy of my mouth and how it is used to form speech...
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TESOL Delta Missouri
Modal verbs vary in their use, in this unit I have learned of the importance and usage phrasal verbs and passive voice...
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TESOL Bourg Louisiana
Teaching past tenses can be tricky and very confusing for students because it requires a lot of attention when building sentences and also memorizing the irregular verbs is necessary...
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TESOL Mapleton Oregon
I liked the examples given for the lessons, it showed the differences I would need to acknowledge when teaching vocab versus grammar...
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TESOL Bee Nebraska
In order to mange a classroom successfully, a teacher must be confident, firm and flexible...
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TESOL Lawrence New Mexico
This unit gave me a clear idea of what works in the classroom and also what not to do...
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TESOL Valley Michigan
This unit discusses the importance and uses of different kinds of assessment...
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TESOL Burr Oak Michigan
This unit covers teaching different groups of students, from young beginners to business professionals...
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TESOL Cherry Creek New York
In this unit, I learnt that teachers have to have a mix of relevant course work as well as his or her own creativity to really create a lesson that is of interest to the class...
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TESOL Moundville Wisconsin
Unit eighteen covered modals, phrasal verbs, active and passive voice and relative clauses...
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TESOL Stockholm Maine
This unit described the four different forms of the past tense and their usage...
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TESOL Lyons Michigan
Unit 19 focused on the teaching of specialty groups such as beginners, adults, young learners, individuals or business English classes...
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TESOL Ramsay Michigan
Classroom management is obviously an essential part in classroom management...
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TESOL Yemassee South Carolina
When teaching different types of groups the teacher should always have a basic understanding of the group in terms of language level to use,how to motivate the students by keeping the lesson fun, interesting and how to generally manage the class...
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TESOL Edna Texas
The nineth unit tells us why it is important to make plans...
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TESOL Honey Creek Wisconsin
I've found this unit particularly helpful because it explores a field that in most cases remains unexplored and therefore presents a lot of difficulties for most non-native speakers of English: the phonology...
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TESOL Whitefield Oklahoma
Listening and reading are known as ?receptive? skills while speaking and writing are known as ?productive? skills...
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TESOL Dripping Springs Arizona
The use of proper classroom equipment and teaching aids is required to have a completed educational program...
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TESOL Glen Ridge New Mexico
Conditional sentences contain the work if and refer to past, present, or future possibilities...
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TESOL Gilboa New York
Truly this lesson is the hit, in my opinion managing classroom require the most holistic methodology and heart with good discretion of student...
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