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I'm glad that in this unit my concerns regarding lesson planning were clarified. I still am not confident enough with constructing one though. With the CTEYL and TEFL course, I had to pass the lesson plan once or twice before meeting all the requirements, which actually made me nervous about not passing. Fortunately, what I made were enough. Other than lesson planning, I hope to utilize all for of resources for teaching and be able to have a better grip in using authentic and non-authentic materials.Unit 16 - Conditional & reported Speech- This is a very confusing chapter, there are a lot of explanation but very few example. There are some questions given but unfortunately, no answers were given to the questions, therefore, I am not sure I did it correctly or not, this is referring to Verb tenses that is provided in the study material. Also the diagram that is in page 7, it is totally a disaster for students to understand it. In my opinion, more examples with a given answer is better than words.