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I had not considered using a course book in my lessons but this module makes me think about how that may benefit in some areas of teaching, especially if I struggle to come up with an engaging and effective plan for one lesson. I personally think that workbooks are pretty tired and definitely not as fun as other methods, but this module made me think about how they can be incorporated into a lesson as a teaching aid. Since I am somewhat artistic, the section about making creative materials makes me feel confident that I can create things that are interesting to the students and topical.I have learned there are 12 tenses for each verb. The Present tense includes present simple, present continuous (or progressive), present perfect and present perfect continuous. The present simple uses the base form of the verb. Present continuous uses a auxiliary verb of \"be\" with present participle(ing), Present perfect uses the aux. verb \"have\" with the past participle(ed) and present perfect continuous uses both helping verbs \"have\" and \"been\" with present participle. The order of the words in the sentence are different for positive and negative sentences and for questions.