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Unit 5 gave an overview of how a good teacher should organize and manage a classroom. It included different aspects such as seating, eye contact, gestures, voice, and dealing with (or helping prevent) problematic behavior. I had a pretty good idea of these things before reading the unit but specifically one part I learned a lot from was \"establishing rapport.\" I think it is quite underestimated how much of a positive impact this has on classroom atmosphere. As a student I always enjoyed my classes and was much more motivated if I felt I could get along with my classmates and teachers.In this unit, I learned how to incorporate the ESA methods into vocabulary and grammar lessons. To teach vocabulary words, the instructor must be able to organize lessons that are appropriate to the task and students. The main objective is to make sure that students understand the meaning, uses, pronunciation, spelling, and the location of the word in a given sentence. Following the Engage, Study, and Activate steps, most beginner students will be able to grasp these concepts and apply them in conversations. Intermediate and advanced students may need to use the patchwork ESA structure.