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M.P. – U.S.A. said:
When preparing to teach, it is useful to know the various groups that a teacher may be instructing. The lesson focused on beginners, individuals, children, business English learners, monolingual, learners, and multilingual learners. While they explained them as separate groups, it is inevitable that these groups will have overlap. After reading through the unit, I feel that the multilingual group may be the easiest group of all to teach. It states that the common ground between the students is English and there is a convergence of multiple cultures. This would be a deterrent for boredom in the classroom, as there are many stories and cultural facts that can be shared among students, and an overall richer lesson. In contrast, the children learners present a far greater challenge. One must always be on their toes and aware of all emotions present in the classroom. While the lessons may be simple, the teacher must come prepared with a plethora of activities as to keep the students engaged in the lesson. I now know that I must be prepared for any type of learner when teaching internationally and be conscious of students' schedules and workload.