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S.J. - Egypt said:
This unit covered the past tenses. Again, there were four different past tenses explained in the text. The first was past simple. Past simple is usually just the verb with -ed, although there are many irregular conjugations. Past simple is used when someone wants to talk about something that happened at a specific time in the past. The next tense is past continuous. This is conjugated with was/were and the verb with -ing. We use past continuous to talk about actions that happened in the past and continued or were interrupted. Next is past perfect. Past perfect uses had with the past participle. The past perfect tense is used when someone wants to talk about something that occurred in the past BEFORE another thing happened. Finally, we read about past perfect continuous. This tense uses had been plus the verb with -ing. Past perfect continuous illustrates actions or situations in the past that happened over a period of time which may or may not have continued past the time the speaker is discussing. It is very useful to learn how to describe these tenses to someone who may not be able to understand them at first glance!