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TESOL Jobs Australia Canberra
This unit reviewed conditionals and reported speech in English, both of which are very confusing concepts, even to a native speaker like myself...
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TESOL Jobs Australia Adelaide
'Lesson planning' talks about what a lesson plan is, what it needs to contain, how to write one and why making a lesson plan is important...
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TESOL Certification Sevastopol
From this unit, I have learned very well aboutthe four present tenses; the present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous...
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TESOL Certification Funchal Portugal
The Unit is similar ti the Unit about Present Simple in its nature - the information is structured and organised in a way there can be the least questions possible...
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TESOL Certification Kaunas Lithuania
Lesson planning is a crucial ingredient to in making sure that an inexperienced teacher is not just teaching anything that seems to make sense or seems easy...
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TESOL Jobs Chitungwiza Zimbabwe
This unit was given to enable us to have a general view on English grammar in term of terminologies,common mistakes and explainations etc...
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TESOL Jobs Mufulira Zambia
Through the study of this chapter, I learned about the equipments and teaching aids that are commonly used by teachers at present...
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TESOL Jobs Aparecida De Goiania Brazil
Future tense for me is the most complicated tense among the tense, especially future perfect tense and the future perfect continuous tense...
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TESOL Blackburn Oklahoma
This unit discusses the common problems faced by teachers in the classroom and gives tips on how to handle these problems effectively...
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TESOL Somers New York
This unit continued on where Unit 4 left off, and discussed the past tense...
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TESOL Rockville Minnesota
Intonation and stress are the two essential aspects of pronunciation which influence extensively on a speaker's oral expression...
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TESOL Tamarack Minnesota
Teachers play various roles in a classroom, but surely one of the most important is that of q classroom manager...
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TESOL Galesburg Kansas
Knowing the difference between mistakes and errors is huge for both a teacher and a student...
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TESOL Gams Crest Delaware
The content of this unit solids my knowledge of modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice...
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TESOL Hudson Oaks Texas
Unit 10 shows us two teaching scenarios for both successful learning and unsuccessful teaching/learning...
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TESOL Milan Michigan
This unit provided a deep look into classroom dynamics including class arrangement, problem behaviors, and balancing student and teacher talk time...
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TESOL Helvetia Oregon
In this unit we were given a very specific look at strategies discussed in Unit 2, and they were applied to vocabulary study...
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TESOL Matlock Iowa
Productive skills are those skills in which we havve to produce language, those skills are Writing and Speaking...
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TESOL Briar Park Delaware
This unit presented the various rules as to how the different past tenses (past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous) are formed grammatically, their usages and examples of Activate stage teaching ideas for classes...
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Organisation Short TESOL
This course has certainly taught me the importance of taking teaching seriously and the amount of work that it requires to do so...
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