TEFL Reviews

TESOL Tanger
Unit 8 explained about the third tense which is the future tense...
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TESOL Jacksonville
We have focused on the pronunciation and phonology in this unit...
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TESOL Arequipa
In unit 14,there are two main things to be treated,the coursebook and the lesson materials,the coursebook is with a set of materials for example;workbook, students book, teachers cassettes while the lesson materials is use to supplement the coursebook...
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TESOL Haiphong
This unit outlined some of the methodologies and techniques of teaching...
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TESOL Pingxiang
This unit discusses the needs of special groups, namely beginners, individual students, children and business English...
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TESOL Certification Spain Crodoba
I like to think that I am a decent to good writer (I have published a book and several papers and have been told by reviewers that my work is easy to read) and that I have had success at teaching writing...
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TESOL Jobs Zimbabwe Mutare
Unit 2 covers the eight basic parts of speech: prepositions/conjunctions, pronouns, nouns, gerunds, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and articles...
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TESOL Jobs Zimbabwe Kwekwe
The present tense can be very difficult for beginners in the English language and it is the job of the teachers to help them distinguish the forms of each types of present tense...
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TESOL Jobs Zimbabwe Harare
In this unit, there was an overview of what would be taught, the difference units and course content in this Teaching Business English course...
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TESOL Jobs Zimbabwe Chitungwiza
As any experienced teacher knows different classes require different needs and students all have different needs...
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TESOL Jobs United States Madison
Types of classes Teaching beginners Teaching Individual students - Sometimes students say that they only want conversation...
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TESOL Jobs United Kingdom Bolton
In the final unit some of the criteria such as warmers and techniques for dealing with classes where students of different levels of language ability are paired up or materials with task varied for both advanced and beginner students is very useful and expands on some of the approaches I have used in the past...
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TESOL Jobs United Kingdom Belfast
In this unit I have learned that all four basic skills in receptive skills are important and that all of them should be conducted into a lesson to create a 'integrated' skills lesson...
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TESOL Jobs Palestine Gaza City
This unit talks about advantages and disadvantages for a teacher using course material vs created and authentic material...
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TESOL Jobs Pakistan Sialkote
Unit 13 spends a lot of time on the importance and challenges of teaching pronunciation and phonology in EFL classes...
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TESOL Certification Guanare Venezuela
Course materials are very important in language courses; however, supplementing the course material will make an average teacher become an exceptional teacher...
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TESOL Certification Coro Venezuela
As we have seen, this unite covers the four types of tense under present tense which are simple present tense, present continuous tense, present perfect tense and present perfect continuous under present tense, including their form and usage...
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TESOL Certification Marvdasht Iran
From my experience being abroad, many people focus on speaking while I think that being able to listen and understand is more important...
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TESOL Certification Maraqeh Iran
Although this unit was a bit short, I did learn some effective techniques for managing large class sizes and for managing a class of different skill levels...
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TESOL Certification Malayer Iran
This unit covers common issues that occur in the classroom, such as listening issues, students that are shy with participation, and how to warm up the classroom with techniques...
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