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M.C. - U.S.A. said:
Unit 9 is about lesson planning. One of the reasons lesson planning is important is because it is an aid to planning. Writing down your expectations as a teacher from the students and the methods that you will use helps a lot in utilizing the time available for you to teach. A lesson plan also helps the teacher be focused on his/her target. A lesson plan also acts as a record of what the class has done and which materials have been used. It is also useful for teachers as a reference in case the teacher gets sick/unavailable. The basic principles of lesson plan should be to keep it simple, not scripted, consistency in structure, there should be anticipated time for each activity, should have a smooth flow and should be flexible. A lesson plan includes objectives of the learner, personal aims of the teacher, language point, teaching aids, anticipated problems for both the students and teacher, procedure, phase, timing, interaction, class level, number of students, date/time, and teacher's name. I have learned that lesson planning is an important part of being a language teacher. A lesson plans seems a summary of what the teacher wants to achieve from both himself, and from the students. It also gives the teacher a structured format on how the teacher will go on about teaching English. The lesson plan is where the teacher can apply the ESA methods that was learned in unit 3.