TESOL Liaocheng

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S.K. - India said:
This unit made use of two videos of actual ESL lessons with one lesson having an entirely different outcome than the other. I found the first video extremely difficult to watch. Especially because I did not know that it was a \"staged\" class and thought that it was an actual ESL instructor who appeared to dislike his job and the students. My immediate thought while watching it was that this man had no business being a teacher. He did not smile at his students, he spoke too rapidly and was even dismissive of a student's question because he did not understand her. He handed out assignments for the students but did not give them a timeframe to work on them. However, when I began watching the second video I realized that the first one was created with the intent to show what a bad ESL teacher is and I found the video much more pleasant to watch. He asked for the student's names and repeated them. He smiled and he joked with the students. He spoke at a slower pace and was much clearer in his expectations. The students were smiling and laughing and it was clear that they were enjoying the second class. Before watching these videos I knew that a teacher's attitude and demeanor can make a difference in how a student learns. Some of that knowledge is based on my own experiences as a student and the rest of it is based on my experience as a teacher. If I had a teacher who conducted classes with an attitude like the one in the first video, I would probably drop the class.