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V.A. - India said:
I have gained lots of information through this course. Not only information but also I have learnt many things regarding teaching and learning of english Language. The lesson plan was particularly very useful and ESA pattern was new and most of us don’t follow a standard pattern. Only in schools it is followed and not for the intermediate level. We do have aims and objectives, aids but a standard procedure is not followed. After third unit, I have started using the ESA pattern for my lessons and I got a very good response from students. The grammar units with different ideas for activities for Engage, Study, and Activate state were also useful. The links to websites and materials were very helpful. I am using these links to prepare my materials for my class. The worksheets were good and applicable. The worksheet lesson plan made me to think a lot, use many options and be creative. On the whole this course has helped me a lot in teaching methodology.