4 week, in-class TESOL Certification Courses with TEFL International

International TESOL Teacher Training, in conjunction with TEFL International, provides internationally recognized and accredited TESOL courses and TESOL certification in a wide variety of interesting and exotic locations around the world.

Why choose us

  • We provide FREE, lifetime TESOL job support services for all of our course graduates.
  • Our intensive 4-week TESOL courses meet all international standards.
  • Our TESOL certification courses are internationally recognized and accredited.
  • Because our classroom based TESOL certification courses are externally examined, moderated and validated by the BOAA, you can feel assured that you will receive the highest standards, quality and support from us whenever and wherever you take one of our TESOL courses.
  • We provide the highest quality TESOL training available.
  • Our courses include 120 hours of training and 6 to 10 hours of teaching practice.
  • We provide teaching practice hours with actual students of English (not your fellow trainees like some courses).
  • Our fees are all-inclusive so you won't pay extra for any course-related materials.
  • Our teacher trainers are highly qualified and experienced TESOL professionals that are committed to teaching and training.
  • We provide high-quality inexpensive accommodation at all of our locations.
  • Regardless of nationality, age, gender or race, we welcome all applications from native-English speakers as well as fluent, non-native English speakers

We are quite proud of our in-class TESOL certification courses and what is achieved through them. It is quite something to see what can be achieved in four short weeks-both by our teacher training staff and by the trainees attending our courses. Many of our trainees arrive with no prior knowledge or experience of teaching English and by the end of the course they are confident, skilled and able to take on teaching positions in countries all over the world.

At the end of every course, our trainees complete extensive feedback forms and evaluate their experience, our services and their ability to teach. In this way we are able to continually assess ourselves and the quality of service that we provide. We always strive for perfection.

The comments that we receive the most are "fantastic experience, "I feel ready to teach and comments relating to the "improvement in self confidence and self awareness. We feel ourselves fortunate and proud that we can provide training, education, opportunities, self improvement, a lasting experience and also produce skilled and able teachers who can utilize their new found knowledge in benefiting the lives of others through teaching and education. We hope you choose to join us on one of our 4 week TESOL certification courses and we look forward to welcoming you at the start of your TESOL teaching experience.

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In Class and Combined TESOL course Special Offers

Sign up for a 4-week classroom based TESOL course with us before the end of this month and receive an additional online TESOL Certificate or TESOL Diploma course free of charge. These additional, advanced level courses can be taken upon completion of one of our 4 week classroom based courses. You have the option to choose one of the following courses:

a) Diploma - This 250-hour, research based course, is for those wishing to gain an advanced and highly regarded qualification that will enhance and improve your teaching knowledge.

b) Certificate in Teaching Business English: CTBE - This 50-hour certificate course covers the major areas involved in the teaching of business English and is useful for any teacher wishing to specialize in teaching adults and business people.

c) Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners: CTEYL - This 50-hour certificate course would prove useful to any teacher wishing to specialize in teaching English to children and teenagers.