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During this Unit, we incorporate ideas about the evolution related to theories,methods and techniques, the versatility of these his tools, and the way it works, and the application of thesese fundamentals in the educative processbased on teaching english as a second or foreign language. We could also noticed about the innovative ESA method with its components or stages (Engage,Study and Activate; and also different types of lessons (Straight Arrow lesson;Boomerang Esa lesson and Patchwork Esa lesson),all of them nurtured by this innovative Esa method, and finally we got the basics of how to make corrections in a constructive way for the positive and proper evolution of the students, how they work, the moments to do itand what types of mistakes the teachers need to correct and the way to focalise whre the error is, and the points and the statements that are not distress the progression of the learning progress.