TEFL Reviews

This unit focused on the five conditionals (zero, first, second, third, and mixed) and reported speech...
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TESOL Ankang
One of the dangers that I perceive to be lurking within the engage phase is the possibility of evoking undue frustration in the event of purposefully challenging students to do what we know they cannot yet do...
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TESOL Donetsk
This unit focuses on use of conditional sentences in English, namely the five conditions (zero, first, second, third and mixed) all of which describe conditions and their outcomes of varying probability...
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Colleges Highest TESOL
Songs in the classroomHow often do we encounter a song which, having entered our consciousness, refuses to leave? This is one of music’s more interesting aspects: the ability of a song to trigger, within the individual listener, any number of sensations which leave one unable to force it from his mind...
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100 Hour TESOL
Why complete a TEFL courseEnglish is now considered the most widely used language in the world...
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Locations Professional TESOL
From this course I have learned a lot about english grammar that I had not previously been taught...
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Internation TESOL
I’ve learnt that there are different ways of teaching and different ways to learn and it’s beneficial to use a variety of methods so all students’ profit...
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Courses TESOL Countries
After completing this course I think I gained the most information in the english language...
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Class Discounted TESOL
By taking this course, I have gained many insights and knowledge on english language teaching...
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Agency Quick TESOL
Before the start of this course, I had no clue how to prepare a lesson plan, but now I feel very comfortable and capable of designing lesson plans for virtually any skill level and language point...
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TESOL Jobs Paraguay San Lorenzo
This module outlines the 7 most common future tenses, namely, future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, be going to, present simple, present continuous...
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TESOL Jobs Paraguay Asuncion
I have learned the importance of the role of a teacher in the classroom for example when a teacher acts as a Controller or Organizer...
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TESOL Jobs Pangasinan San Carlos City
Prior to this unit we have discussed teaching methods and activities and grammar itself, but some of the hurdles that I had been running into that this unit helped me with was knowing how to make lessons that paired relevant vocabulary with its most appropriate grammar lesson to make activation of language easier on the students by providing with necessary tools to attain the lesson objectives (whether it be grammar focused or vocab focused)...
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TESOL Jobs Japan Higashikurume
In this unit it explained how to teach different kinds of groups using different metholody and techniques...
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TESOL Jobs Japan Higashihiroshima
Unit 1 In order to improve our teaching skills, it is important to understand and detect the good characteristics of a teacher and a learner...
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TESOL Jobs Japan Hadano
Pronunciation, phonology, intonation and stress are important parts of the English language that students must learn to be able to communicate effectively...
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TESOL Jobs Italy Terni
This unit gave a summary of the four forms of present tense: simple present, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous...
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TESOL Jobs Italy Syracuse
This unit described a variety of teaching methodologies, their pluses and minuses, effective ways to apply them in the classroom, examples, etc...
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TESOL Jobs Italy Rimini
in this unit, we have examined the different types of tests, as a tool for evaluating the student's language level...
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TESOL Jobs Italy Reggio Calabria
To teach English in order to enhance business relations amongst peers, business associates and customers I would think that one has to have a more business orientated mind to understand the dynamics of what input and output is required...
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TESOL Martin North Dakota
This unit is all about the Present Tenses including the simple, continuous, perfect and, perfect continuous tenses...
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TESOL Lafayette Indiana
Unit-3 Theories, Methods and Techniques: Engage Stage: Have to ensure that very students speaks Enlish during the classroom...
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TESOL Newton Georgia
The focus of this unit was brief explanations of the basic rules of English grammar and sentence structure...
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TESOL Paris New York
I am starting to recognizing the differences between the different tenses more and more...
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TESOL Stillwater Minnesota
Speaking and writing are considered to be productive skills be it allows students do express themselves and produce work and ideas to be discussed...
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TESOL Norfolk Viriginia
This unit emphasises the importance of receptive skills, which are reading and listening, that goes beyond just understanding and recognising words by grasping the overall meaning from a pre-existing knowledge of the world...
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TESOL Saginaw Texas
In Unit 9 we looked at lesson planning, the reasons why teachers need to plan, what is included in that process and how to produce this effectively within the classroom...
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TESOL Barre Wisconsin
Unit 6 covers the four past tenses of the English tense system (past simple, past continuous, past perfect and past perfect continuous)...
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TESOL Panzhihua
This unit opens the teacher's mind on the Business English (BE) teaching world...
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After studying the other tenses, the future perfect, future continuous and future perfect continuous are the most difficult forms to teach...
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TESOL Pretoria
In Unit 20, we learned how to troubleshoot some common problems that teachers might encounter...
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