TEFL Reviews

TESOL Certification Stamford Connecticut
The two videos shown in this lesson were very helpful because it was clear on which lesson was more affective and overall, how a good structured lesson can be very successful...
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TESOL Certification Zhengzhou China
This unit provides information on the teaching of special groups, including beginners, individual students, children and Business English learners (or people learning English for specific purposes)...
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TESOL Certification Yinchuan China
I like analogies as a learning concept so was quite taken with the tree analogy as a breakdown of grammar, vocabulary and functions...
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TESOL Certification Yidu China
This unit took me much time to go through but it was interesting to finally know how the phonetic alphabet actually works and which parts of a word or sentence must be stressed...
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TESOL Certification Yibin China
This final unit covered additional problems that a teacher may face when in the classroom and solutions to these problems, such as how to get a reluctant student to participate in class or how to handle large classes...
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TESOL Certification Fuxin China
Now having gone through this lesson, I have a greater understanding of all the work that goes into each lesson plan...
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TESOL Certification Fushun China
This unit provided some insight into the level and timing (at what stage within or around the language course structure) of testing and evaluation undertaken for English language students...
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TESOL Certification Fujin City China
teaching in Special groups or mixed class needs experience for teachers so in this unite I learned about it and how to teach and what must ,must't do while teaching...
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TESOL Certification Fuan China
In this section I learned the present simple, the present continuous, the present perfect and the past continuous and learned how to use them...
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TESOL Certification Ponta Grossa Brazil
I learned several methods of teaching such as the classical method, audio-lingualism, the silent way, suggestopaedia, total physical response, and ESA...
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TESOL Certification Canoas Brazil
unit 14 covers about course books with all advantages and disadvantages as well as how to analyse and utilize them and other teaching materials to supplement the books...
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TESOL Certification Campo Grande Brazil
Unit 2, Parts of Speech breaks down the English language sentence structure and gives descriptions of each parts of speech, how they are used and what their logical sequence in a sentence must be...
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