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J.D. - U.S.A. said:
In Unit 14, I learned that beginner students would not really benefit from authentic material but to use creative material and a course book. I agree with this. When I first started teaching I use to use authentic material with my beginner students. They would respond negatively to the material and they would use their phones to translate every single word. I found this to be distracting and took the students away from the lesson. I began to rely on simple creative material, such as crosswords and the roleplaying cards. I also used a course book for beginner level, as well. For higher level students I used a mix of authentic material and a course book. If I had to teach my students about gerunds, subjunctive conjunctions or any grammar that was at their level, I would use a chapter from a course book. I agree with this unit about being adaptable and making a wise choice in when to use authentic, creative and course book material. I have found myself in situations where my authentic material didn't grab the interests enough of my students and had to switch to material from a course book. I was relieved that it is okay to decide to omit certain parts of the course book, this is something I always do. I try to combine both material from a course book and authentic material . This chapter was useful and reassuring.